upcycle your energy - feminine energy management strategies - burnout stress recovery

Upcycle Your Energy

16-week online group program in which you will learn to embrace and embody your Feminine energy

If you deeply desire to have your energy, health, and vitality back…

If you want to step fully into your feminine power & start creating the life you love ...

Join this 16-week summer course to increase your energy levels

⭐️use the magical high energy of the summer season to recharge, recoup & recover⭐️

⭐️embrace & embody Feminine practices to transform your energy levels⭐️

⭐️learn to implement sustainable Feminine Energy Management Strategies for health & wellbeing⭐️

⭐️shift the exhausting & toxic masculine conditioning around productivity and success⭐️

⭐️feel energized & vibrant, attract abundance & make impact, all year round⭐️

Upcycle Your Energy starts June 24th

Dear sister….

Do you hear the call? It is your Soul speaking.

It is urging you to choose life. To be vibrant and radiant. To reclaim your Feminine power and use it to your benefit. To follow your heart in everything you do and thrive.

We have been living in a society ruled by masculine energy and principles for too long and it is making us sick. Exhaustion, burnout, auto-immune disorders, chronic pain… so many women are affected and you feel this too.

You are thinking to yourself:

How do I feel better?

How do I avoid depleting myself?

How can I be of service to others without burning out?

How can I move into abundance, happiness, fulfilment, freedom, and joy?

How do I take care of my children/parents/clients when I can’t even take care of myself?”

The old ways are making you sick…


You have been pushing your entire life.

Decades of achieving, striving, persevering… Because you were told the lie that success can only come from working hard, competing, and pushing through. That you just have to work harder.

Now, you feel depleted, not knowing what you have left to give.

For ages, we had no choice. But now we do. We can choose life, energy, and abundance. And by stepping into our true Feminine power we can make a difference in a world that needs us now more than ever.


Now imagine…

… feeling energized and radiant, which enables you to be the best version of yourself, show up in a powerful way in the world, in you work, your business, and as a mother or caretaker

… being connected to your intuition, heart, and Soul, making choices that create impact for your own life and the lives of others

… being deeply connected to your body in a way that you are able to intimately listen and nurture your body on a daily basis, enhancing your energy and improving your health

… having highly effective strategies in place that will allow you to relax and restore whenever you need it, sleeping better, releasing fear, stress, and anxiety and feeling safe & comfortable in your body

experience success in your work combined with the freedom to have time and sacred space for yourself, rejuvenation, self-care, and family time - the optimal work-life balance

thriving and feeling abundant every single day, transforming burnout into success, fatigue into power, and fear into confidence.

You can have it all, using the Feminine Energy Management Strategies, embodying ALL THAT YOU ARE AS A WOMAN

~ move from overwhelm & exhaustion to thriving & making impact ~

That’s why I’m inviting you to join

~ Upcycle Your Energy ~

a 16-week summer course starting June 24th

I have been running complex projects throughout my career spanning 20 years, cyclical living has transformed the way I approach work.
Now that I understand how to sync my actions with the cycles of the moon, I feel more at ease, executing work is more enjoyable, and I’m getting better results.
— Jeni Rogers - United States
Willemijn’s teachings about Feminine Energy Management made me feel like coming home. This is exactly what I needed. It is not me that is broken. Knowing this gives me confidence and hope.
— M.L.W. - United Kingdom
Wow, these coaching sessions are so transformative! Even though English is not Willemijn’s native language, she is very skilled and always knows exactly what is happening for me. Our sessions led to many insights and breakthroughs in a very short period of time.
— A.J. - United Kingdom
upcycle your energy - feminine energy management strategies - burnout stress recovery

Registration for Upcycle Your Energy is now open for a very short time!

There are 3 pricing options available, choose the option that best suits your needs

(note: if you don’t know which option is best, book a free call with me to discuss your situation and I will help you decide)

Upcycle Your Energy - Feminine Energy Management Strategies

make the best of summer and tap into your Feminine energy flow

16-week online group program in which you will learn to embrace and embody your Feminine power

If you deeply desire to have your energy, health, and vitality back…

If you want to step fully into your feminine power & start creating the life you love ...

Then I invite you to join - we’ll start on Monday, June 24 !

You’ll learn Feminine Practices that will increase your energy, improve your health, reduce stress and fatigue, and open you up to creativity, flow, and abundance

Remove the blocks that hold you back from receiving the infinite stream of source energy so that you can truly receive it and replenish

(this applies to ALL areas of life - ENERGY, ABUNDANCE & MONEY)

upcycle your energy - feminine energy management strategies - burnout stress recovery

What you'll receive:

8 Revolutionary, Practical, and Inspiring Course Modules

  • Every module includes:

    • A 90-minute live call where you’ll receive the lessons and have the opportunity to ask questions

    • Option to watch the replay of the calls when needed

    • At least one major paradigm shift to redesign & uplevel your perspective

    • Action items you can implement right away

    • Advice, recommendations, and additional resources

    • Practical, easy-to-understand solutions

    • Magical practices to get you in the universal flow & ready to receive the highest levels of energy & abundance!

  • Each module is filled with rich, practical, and inspiring content.


  • Additional option to receive extra bite-size lessons (FB lives which can be attended or watched later)

  • To be used for group discussions, connecting to each other, asking for support, and additional questions

  • Here you can connect with me and with the other program participants about your questions, results, successes, challenges, and celebrations!


Each module will support you with rich, practical, and inspiring content

Upcycle Your Energy module 1

Module One: Cyclical Living part I

Learn all about the natural cycles - the seasons, the moon, the menstrual cycle, and the circadian rhythm and how you can use these cycles to your benefit

What to track and how to track your energy in a cyclical way - start tracking and discover your personal energy rhythms to work with

Upcycle Your Energy module 2

Module Two: Feminine & Masculine energy

Create success and abundance by knowing the difference between your masculine energy and your feminine energy

Discover your dominant pattern, learn the difference and how to use both Feminine & Masculine energy in a powerful way

Upcycle Your Energy module 3

Module Three: Restore

Understand the stress system and hormonal responses in your body so you know how to come back to balance quickly

Learn all about restorative practices & calming the nervous system, so you can apply recovery strategies that you can use daily, all year round, in any given circumstance

Upcycle Your Energy module 4

Module Four: Reinvigorate

Discover powerful and easy to implement practices that help you increase your energy on a daily basis

Find out what your ‘go to’ recharging & selfcare practices are so you can strengthen and expand your repertoire

Upcycle Your Energy module 5

Module Five: The Lunar Cycle

Learn how to plan and work with the Moon Cycle, how to track the Moon and use the lunar energies to work and plan effectively in your work, life, and business

Receive guidance on Moon rituals and the importance intention setting

Upcycle Your Energy module 6

Module Six: Sacred Space

Create space for yourself, return to your center of power, create powerful rituals to bring yourself back into a state of relaxation, gratitude, abundance, and bliss

Learn how to set and uphold boundaries while being compassionate and gentle towards yourself and others, which will improve all of your relationships

Upcycle Your Energy module 7

Module Seven: Mindset

Discover the connection between scarcity mindset and lack of energy, transform your beliefs, and shift them immediately so you will feel supported, safe, and connected in every moment

Remove the blocks that hold you back from receiving from the infinite stream of energy that is available so that you can receive energy and abundance at any given moment (this applies to ALL areas of life - ENERGY, ABUNDANCE & MONEY)

Upcycle Your Energy module 8

Module Eight: Integration

Receive guidance on further implementation of your preferred practices and cyclical living all year round

Find out how to move forward and manage your energy during the darker months of Fall & Winter

Collaborate and create support systems that suit you

Plus, you’ll receive these awesome bonuses:

Bonus 1 - The Lunar Project

Bonus #1: Lunar Project course

Lifetime access to a one-of-a-kind online course on Project Management with the Lunar Cycle

This course takes you through the four phases of a project as well as the four Moon phases to help you plan and execute every project with ease and supported by the natural energy of growth, just like the biodynamic farmers use the phases of the Moon for abundant cropping and harvesting

Value: $199

bonus 2 - Reclaim & Master Your Energy Summit

Bonus #2: Reclaim & Master Your Energy summit

Receive all 20 interviews of the Reclaim & Master Your Energy online summit

20 inspiring feminine thought leaders, teachers, healers, and entrepreneurs spoke about their personal journey with feminine energy management, cyclical living and why we need to change our relationship to time & energy, to encourage and support you on your healing journey

Value: $199


Enrolment Options


Testimonials & Praise

Willemijn is a still, calm and centered teacher whose guidance you instantly feel you can trust.
— Marie Louise W. - UK
“Can’t thank Willemijn enough for hosting a remarkable online summit. She lined up the best experts who shared some extraordinary wisdom. The summit has helped me further enhance the cyclical lifestyle that I’ve recently adopted. I’ve taken back several insights and enriching knowledge from the summit that is helping me create a fantastic relationship with my time and energy.”
— Sampada Chaudari - Business and Career Transition Coach - India
Willemijn exercises, meditations and rituals have been very well chosen and prove her excellent expertise and her spot-on feedback shows her excellent intuition. I also like that the course and all materials were easy to access, short and sharp and although Willemijn was using internet platforms and email it all was very well orchestrated, allowing each participant to work through the course in their very own time. A big thank you for this wonderful course and work and the excellent facilitation!
— Gabriela
Beautiful meditation! It really helped quiet my racing mind after a full day.
— Francesca A. - Italy
I have been running complex projects throughout my career spanning 20 years, cyclical living has transformed the way I approach work.
Now that I understand how to sync my actions with the cycles of the moon, I feel more at ease, executing work is more enjoyable, and I’m getting better results.
— Jeni Rogers - US

upcycle your energy - feminine energy management strategies - burnout stress recovery

 Join Upcycle Your Energy now

A note from Willemijn: why I am offering this program

The world has been ruled by masculine forces for thousands of years, now it is time for the feminine to rise. We can see it happening everywhere around us, women are stepping up, speaking their truth, and reclaiming power for the first time in eons.

However, the masculine has been ruling for so long… it’s not easy to suddenly shift from survival to power. What is needed are feminine practices that sustain our energy to make us even more powerful and impactful. Because when a woman steps into her true Feminine power, she will change the world, together with her Sisters.

You are here for a reason…

You are called to step up and show others the way into a new paradigm. Your symptoms, low energy, and pain are a wake-up call into your true calling.

You are called to enter the new paradigm of Feminine power and Sisterhood, to lead the way for others.

You are deeply needed.

You are being initiated.

You are MILES ahead of the masses.

You are a pioneer and your message is powerful. The Feminine is rising and we can all feel it. But after thousands of years of patriarchy, we weren’t taught how to live with the feminine energy principles.

It is time to reclaim your Feminine Power.

The time is NOW.

The Feminine is rising and we are called to heal.

She is calling us. She is initiating us. She is helping us remember who we truly are.

This is the way you can truly change the world and create a more sustainable, joyful, and fulfilling future for yourself, the next generations, and the planet.

My story

I have gone through severe burnout and chronic illness myself. After 20 years in healthcare, working as a medical doctor in psychiatry, project and operational management, I was deeply indoctrinated with masculine programming around success, productivity, and competition. Mixed with toxic feminine behaviours like self-sacrifice and over-giving, it is not surprising that my body and Soul couldn’t take the constant fight-flight survival mode and chronic stress anymore.

I stepped out, focused on true healing, personal growth, and mindset shifts to recover. With my background knowledge and deep understanding of human psychology, medical scientific knowledge of how the nervous system and endocrine regulation systems work, as well as my trauma-informed yoga therapy training, I was able to understand, live, and embrace healing in a completely new way. With the help of some amazing healers, guides, and teachers, I learned to embody and heal the Sacred Feminine and Masculine energies that both live in me and teach others about it.

It took me 3 years to recover. Although I recovered from burnout, I still deal with the aftermath of it in the form of Fibromyalgia every day. I take my own medicine every day.

I am determined to show other women the way to resilience, healthy and sustainable energy management through Feminine practices, so they can have a free, abundant, and happy life, and they can feel they are worthy, important, and seen. Chronic illness does not mean you can’t have an impact.

I started Elemental Life, so that I could do what I love, every day, and take care of my body when I need to.

You too can create a sustainable life that serves YOU.


With love,

Willemijn Maas, MD

Willemijn Maas, MD


  • Can I attend the course when I’m not having a menstrual cycle? Yes, we will work with other cycles too, like the lunar cycle, the circadian rhythm and the seasons, and we will go into detail about menopause. Lots of natural rhythms for you to follow.

  • Is there a refund policy in place? Yes, 14 days, full refund, no questions asked.

  • Why is this program held during the summer? Summer energy is the best for recharging your battery and you will get the most out of it in terms of energy increase when you work with the natural high energy and implement when you are feeling better.

  • I will be on holiday during the program, is that a problem? No, not at all! The group calls are held biweekly (with an extra week between the calls in August) and will be recorded for you to watch after you return or have internet access. Exercises are simple and perfect for the holiday destinations - journaling, going out into nature, enjoying mindfully, gratitude practice, etc. It will help you create an even more wonderful holiday time. Implementation and habit change are generally easier when you feel better, don’t wait until you are feeling really low to implement new practices.

  • I am so depleted, I am afraid I don’t have the energy for this course. I know where you are at, 100%. That’s why the course is designed to reduce stress and overwhelm. The exercises are gentle, easy, we do it together and you will get my support in the FB group. This is the perfect course for you to recharge and feel better. Plus, there is the option for additional coaching in the PREMIUM or VIP Packages when you need more support. I’m here for you. If you’re not sure which one to take, feel free to book a call with me to let me help you decide.

  • Is this a habit changing program? I tried a gazillion of diet fads, exercise programs, and health coaching stuff, and nothing worked. Upcycle Your Energy is all about energy balance. It is a program where you will learn a revolutionary new way of recharging and working with your feminine energy, whereas traditional health coaching programs are all about doing new things and changing habits in a masculine do-do-do goal getting way that you probably don’t have the energy for. The only thing that is required is an open mind, a reflective attitude, and accountability and the wish to improve your own health.