The Lunar Project

Project Management supported by the Moon Phases

a 4-week home-study course that You can start with every New Moon!

Are you struggling with completing your projects?

You have amazing creative ideas, but following up on them is another thing. Procrastination is your middle name. There is always so much to do and day to day tasks keep you distracted.

You have notes and planners everywhere but they just don’t seem to work for you and end up somewhere on a shelf.

And when you finally start to work on your project, you often find yourself distracted by the ‘next shiny object’ when your creative flow kicks in once more and that amazing project you were finally working on… will be a ‘work in progress’ forever.

You are at a point where you don’t even start anymore because you don’t want to find yourself in that place of failure again.

If procrastination is your escape strategy, and you never complete a project, no matter how much you loved the idea at first… I have an amazing short and sweet 4-week program for you that will get you the results and help you COMPLETE EVERY PROJECT so you can turn ANY IDEA INTO A SUCCESS.

What if you could have a basic structure that helped you manage & complete every project you start? Over and over again?


Imagine the results if you had a re-usable system to complete every project with clarity, focus, action, and determination!

The Lunar Project is a 4-week home-study course, teaching you basic project management in alignment with the Moon Phases.

The Lunar Cycle provides a basic energetic structure that lines up perfectly with your feminine nature, while creating a stable and predictable schedule for aligned action.

This course will help you to ENVISION, PLAN, EXECUTE, and COMPLETE every project with success, ease, and in flow.


*VAT will be applied for EU citizens

The Lunar Project

what’s included:

4 weekly modules aligned with the 4 Moon Phases

10 video lessons

all video lessons also available in audio

4 meditations

5 worksheets in PDF

recommendations for apps, software & other resources

Although I have been running complex projects throughout my career spanning 20 years, the structure and approach of The Lunar Project has transformed the way I approach work. Now that I understand how to sync my actions with the cycles of the moon, I feel more at ease, executing work is more enjoyable, and I’m getting better results.
— Jeni Rogers - United States

*VAT will be applied for EU citizens


Are you struggling with your projects?

Do you struggle with project planning? Do you miss the overview & focus? Are you overwhelmed by all the tasks that need to be done in completing a project? Are you considering yourself ‘a messy person’ or ‘chaotic’ and is this holding you back from even starting?

Procrastination is your escape strategy. You have notes and planners everywhere but they just don’t seem to work for you and end up somewhere on a shelf. And when you finally start to work on your project, you often find yourself distracted by the ‘next shiny object’ when your creative flow kicks in once more and that amazing project you were finally working on… will be a ‘work in progress’ forever.

I want you to know something really important.

You are not lazy. Or stupid. Or messy. Or chaotic.

The truth is: you are a creative and inspired Being and you have amazing ideas!! That is your strength. People praise you for your flexibility and creativity, and the beautiful things you come up with. Creativity, intuition, flow, ideas, visions… it all comes to you easily. That is your beautiful feminine energetic wiring.

However, when this feminine energy is not ‘held’ in structured container, it easily slips away, or lacks focus. And the thing is… creating a powerful container can be learned. Using the action-oriented masculine energy of planning, focus, task-management, and completing goals, you can create the perfect support system for your creative ideas so you can have fantastic results.

Balance is key here and the feminine and masculine energies are beautiful co-creators.

Think about the following:

  • cleaning out a room

  • throwing a party

  • creating a new product, service, or opt-in for your business

  • planning a holiday trip

  • giving a workshop

What do they all have in common? All of them are projects.

Projects are nothing more than a creative idea that is put into matter, energy that is converted into a physical event.

A project always has the same phases, no matter what the project is about. And the interesting thing is, these phases are also found in nature. All natural growth happens along the same lines.

The 4 phases of growth & abundance





    During the first phase (visioning), the invisible spark of feminine creative energy is present. In the second phase (planning), the invisible alignment of structure is applied. This is a more masculine energy that creates the container for the physical creation that follows. The next phase (creation) is characterised by the outward creative feminine energy that gives shape to the physical. And the last phase, (completion) uses the outward masculine energy of taking care of the details and making things happen.

It’s often difficult to know in which phase you are and how to apply the strategies that are aligned with the natural energy of the different phases. A planning system is vital, as well as project management tools, and another fantastic source of support is the Moon. The Moon phases reflect the 4 phases of natural growth & abundance that we find in the seasons, and are an amazingly helpful external reminder that you can use to your benefit!

That is why I created The Lunar Project. To help you use the Moon Phases, basic project management tools, & the sacred union of feminine creative energy with masculine action oriented energy to complete any project you ever think of!


Course content

The Lunar Project is a 4-week course that helps you with basic projectmanagement in alignment with the Lunar Cycle. There will be weekly video lessons, audio, worksheets, meditations.

The program is structured in 4 modules that reflect the actual Moon phases, following a complete Lunar Cycle.

Create amazing results and finish every project! Not once, but every time you have a brilliant creative idea!

You can use the tools in this course with EVERY NEW MOON CYCLE!

The Lunar Project - module 1

Module 1 - Vision

In this module, you will learn:

  • project management 101 - what is project management exactly, what are the 4 phases of a successful project

  • lunar cycle 101 - the 4 phases of the Moon explained in more detail and how they can help with your energy and the execution of any project

  • the importance of rest & creative visioning

  • to use the energy of the New Moon & Waxing Crescent Moon

  • worksheets & meditation to choose your personal project for this course

The Lunar Project - module 2

Module 2 - Planning

In this module, you will learn:

  • a re-usable easy & peaceful planning system for all of your projects

  • breaking down a project in bite-size chunks to prevent overwhelm

  • how to prioritize & remember tasks with easy to use software

  • creating to-do’s that are easy to manage

  • to use the energy of the First Quarter Moon & Waxing Gibbous Moon

  • worksheets & meditation to support clarity & focus

The Lunar Project - module 3

Module 3 - Action

In this module, you will learn:

  • to take aligned action on your project goals and tasks

  • how to move through every block

  • mindset hacks & support tools to get you going

  • to use the energy of the Full Moon & Waning Gibbous Moon

  • worksheets & meditation to support action & doing from a place of joy and alignment

The Lunar Project - module 4

Module 4 - Completion

In this module, you will learn:

  • to focus on the details and loose ends

  • how to securely store your amazing new ideas without losing yourself in ‘the next shiny thing’

  • how to get rid of perfectionism and self-criticism

  • how to complete the cycle of growth for optimal abundance

  • to use the energy of the Last Quarter Moon & Waning Crescent Moon

  • worksheets & meditation to support receiving & gratitude

This 4-week course is offered as a home-study course.

Everything you’ll learn in this program can be used again and again, on every future project!


What’s included in The Lunar Project:

  • 4 modules delivered per week

  • 10 video lessons (also available in audio)

  • 4 meditations

  • 5 worksheets

  • app, software & resource recommendations

  • a private course platform outside Facebook where you can discuss the material, find support & create accountability

Your investment: $197*

  • *VAT will be applied for EU citizens


Your mentor - Willemijn Maas

Originally trained as a medical doctor in psychiatry, Willemijn Maas has a background in IT/project management & operational improvement in a healthcare environment. She has mentored many employees and clients over the past years on many different projects and she has her own business as an Online Business Manager for successful conscious entrepreneurs.

Being a highly sensitive, intuitive person who also has a strong masculine energy, type-A personality & overachiever history, she learned the hard way how to balance out the feminine and masculine energies. After suffering from severe burnout, she learned that the feminine creative energy & masculine action-oriented energy can go hand in hand, when you know how to use them properly.

She has been interested in living with the Moon cycle and other feminine practices for 20 years and integrated spiritual teachings, holistic living, and cyclical living into her work.

Find more information about Willemijn and her Online Business Management Consultancy at

Willemijn Maas

What students say about my courses…

Marie Louise W.

"Willemijn is a still, calm and centered teacher whose guidance you instantly feel you can trust."


"Your course was exactly what I needed. I think the content will be useful throughout the year. The presentation was clear and effective. Thank you so much!"

Clarissa H.

“The course material was well planned and beautifully presented. I have no doubt that Willemijn has a wealth of information to offer her students and clients.”