UPCYCLE Membership

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Kopie van Feminine Energy Management Strategies.png

UPCYCLE Membership

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Upcycle is a membership (subscription service) where women come together to learn, share, and connect about Sustainable Energy Management.

Topics are: Energy Management, Integration of Masculine & Feminine Energies, Cyclical Living, Health, Wellbeing & Vitality, Neuroscience, Psychology & Mindset, Yoga & Meditation, Nature-based Spirituality, Lunar Wisdom & Astrology, Personal Development, Inner and Outer Sacred Space, Support & Connection, Purpose, Creating & Growing Sustainable Businesses, and much more.

The membership gives you access to:

  • a monthly video lesson on a monthly topic

  • a live Q&A

  • an array of journaling exercises, meditations, healthy practices for you to try and implement, astrology insights, tarot readings

  • a private FB group where you’ll find amazing and inspiring like-minded women

  • quarterly bonuses (workshops and masterclasses to deepen your practice, guest interviews, business trainings, etc.)

  • all members receive 50% off Elemental Life courses

The Yearly Membership option gives you 2 months of free access!

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