New Moon in Virgo - September 9th 2018

This Sunday, September 9th, 2018, at 8:01 pm CEST, the Moon will be starting a new cycle. We are entering the late Summer Moon cycle, and the start of this new cycle will be in the astrological sign of Virgo. 

On Sunday, a 999 portal (9-9-18 = 9-9-9) opens. Nine is the number of completion, which makes this New Moon a very powerful New Moon to close chapters from the old book and start something new.

Virgo is the sign of details, finishing things, completion, perfectionism, being of service and self-care routines. 

The collective energy flows towards storing energy. We are in the midst of harvest on the Northern Hemisphere, and this is how we see the growth cycle come to completion. After the ripening of the fruit, we can now enjoy it, harvest it, and preserve it for the cold winter months. 

Pay attention to your health and personal energy so you will be able to save some energy for the Winter. Restart your self-care routines now Summer is coming to an end. You may want to take extra vitamins now the R is in the month again!

This Moon cycle invites us to look closely at what we have been growing, and what we want to harvest. But also, and maybe more important, what not. We don’t need all the apples, all the grain. We can leave some for the birds, the hedgehogs, the insects. There is plenty to go around! 

Moreover, when we pick fruit that is already blemished, it may rot and cause the whole harvest to decay. What do you really need to store, and what can you let go of?

Virgo is all about completion, and in order to really finish things neatly, we need to pay close attention to the tiny details. However, the shadow side of details is that perfectionism makes its way in easily.

Be aware that perfectionism is the inner critic’s playground. Harsh inner dialogue can be a common theme in late summer and early fall, especially for women. The inner voice of ‘not good enough’ may come up for you frequently this month. Don’t be fooled by the voice of the inner critic, take it as a sign of encouragement to pay attention and complete, rather than failure and stagnation. 

Perfectionism may also lead to analysis paralysis when we stay in our head too much. Instead of overthinking the details, you may want to ask your Higher Self for guidance. Ask your guides what it is that you need to do to complete this year’s growth cycle. Tune in to your inner voice, your dreams, this New Moon and you will be given the answer. 

Make sure you are open to receiving it. You can do that by creating space for it. Make space in your daily routine, it doesn't have to be long, start with a few minutes per day for the guidance to come in. Try to meditate for a few minutes every day, pay attention to your breath and close your eyes, or go out in nature and let yourself immerse in the abundance you see there. Make creating space a self-care routine. 

I found myself cleaning up the garden yesterday, taking away dead plants that didn’t survive the dry summer, and cleaning out the chicken coop and putting in new straw and some shredded newspaper (I use the Financial Times for that, lol…). I now have two chicks pooping on old-school economics and politics, which really made my day. ;) 

I have also started to clean out my wardrobe and I am planning on a capsule wardrobe again. I did this before and I love the minimalistic look of it and it saves me a ton of laundry!

An important theme of Virgo Moon is helping others, so I helped my daughters clean their room too and we made a schedule of who will be doing what in the home this Fall. I think it’s important to teach our kids that a household is run in the best possible way by helping each other with the necessary chores.

How can you help others? What can you do to live a life of the highest service? How can you serve more? This doesn’t have to be huge, again, it’s in the details. Maybe you can smile more. Or help out a friend. Help your kids with their homework. Or speak up about something you feel passionate about. 

This could well be the year you are discovering your purpose in life, your ‘big why’. It is totally possible to change your life or career to be of the highest service! The world needs your vision, your unique talents, and your skills. What is the first step you can take to make that dream reality? How can you bring your vision to life?

Happy Virgo New Moon!

Journaling prompts

Some journaling prompts that may help you this New Moon are:

  • Which self-care routines can I restart this month?
  • What have I been growing this summer and what do you want to enjoy and keep for later use?
  • What can I let go off?
  • What do I need to be able to complete this year’s growth cycle?
  • How can I find closure on the old story? 
  • Is there a new journey that I want to embark on and what is it? 
  • How can I start to preserve my energy for Winter?
  • How can I be of the highest service in my work?
  • What is the first step I can take towards living my vision?