New Moon in Taurus - May 15th 2018

On Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 we will have the next New Moon, this time in Taurus.

The Aries New Moon last month invited us to go within, to discover what really serves us, and to choose radical self-care

How did this manifest in your life the past month? Did you make changes that were more aligned with your Truth?

I have chosen to take a step back from my work to focus on my family. My daughters were at home for two weeks of spring break. We spend time together visiting museums, playing in nature, and celebrating King's Day. My husband and I went to the Costa Brava to catch some sun and have some time together. You can find some pictures of our trip on Instagram.

During my break from work, I discovered that it's difficult for me to envision that I can 'have it all'. I either work hard, or I am available for my family, or for myself and my health. Since I've discovered this belief that I have to choose in some way between the things I consider important, I'm working on it. It's nonsense that in order for me to be happy in my relationship, I have to abandon my kids or my purpose. Or in order to be successful in my work, I need to betray my body and deny myself rest and healthy living. Or that I need to be the all-encompassing, ever-present, all-loving, perfect mom (that I didn't have myself, and to be honest, whose mom is all of that?? It's an oppressive lie to force women to hide their shadows...), and in trying to be all glitters and unicorns to my children, I can't have boundaries and need to overstep my energy levels.

It's not Truth. I can have it all.

Once you discover your patterns, it's clear you can't go on like that. I think it's our responsibility to dive deep and discover the beliefs that hold us captive. I am the director of my life, in co-creation with the Universe. However, I can only create when I'm open to the possibilities and the support and love that is coming from Source and my Higher Self/Soul.

The Sun has been in Taurus since April 21st and will stay there for another week. Taurus is the practical, Earthy sign of growth and materializing spirit into matter. You might have seen your intentions come to life in a very grounded, practical way. For me, that meant that my long-standing wish to own a vegetable garden became reality! I received an email 2 weeks ago. We are offered a 60m2 patch close to our home and we will receive the key to the complex on June 15th. A dream comes true for us! My girls are over the moon excited and we already started to grow some veggies in the window sills to plant them outside in a few weeks time.

When we look at nature, we can see how fast everything grows. The energy of the Sun takes form. With this growth, we see everything sprout, both vegetables and other crops we want to grow, as well as unwanted seeds, as they will also 'grow like weeds'.

That's why clear and concise intentions are so important. Before you know it, a belief, unconscious thought or careless whisper in your mind takes root. 

The Earth lies beneath me,
a wide open canvas.
Into it I sow,
the seeds of my mindfulness.
— Zacchiah Murray (Mindfulness in the Garden)

It is now time to tend to your garden. Pull out the weeds and unwanted effects of creation. Water and feed the plants you want to grow strong. 

The New Moon in Taurus coincides with an astrological transit that is probably going to impact a lot of areas in our life. Uranus will shift into Taurus on May 15th and will stay there for a number of years. Uranus is the force that uproots things. The Creator of Chaos, the Disruptor. Remember, growth and innovation come from chaos, and every structure will once crumble. The cycle of Uranus reminds us of that. 

Uranus will tend to your garden if you haven't done it. It will pull out everything that hasn't grown sufficient roots. 

Things that seem established, will come down in the coming years. Because of the Taurus transit of Uranus, the areas where change will be happening are Earth/planet, beauty, self-worth and values, femininity, money and material possessions, stability.

On May 15th, the Sun (ego), Moon (emotions) and Uranus (the change maker) are all shifting to Taurus and this could be a tumultuous start of a brand new cycle. Not only a new Moon cycle but a new phase for humanity in the coming years. 

Make sure you have your intention setting clear and concise, and make sure your roots are strong to withstand the changes ahead.