New Moon in Scorpio - November 7th 2018

On Wednesday, November 7th, 2018 (5:01 pm CEST, 11:01 am EST, 8:01 am PST), the next Moon cycle starts with the Sun and Moon both in Scorpio

After a Full Moon in Taurus where everything felt like it was slowing down a bit, we gained some traction again and we are now rapidly moving forward, although it might not be visible because Scorpio dwells below the surface in the muddy waters of death and rebirth. 

Many things have fallen away, and we are in a time of great transition, and it is time for the Truth to surface. Scorpio is always uncovering truths, even though it is really dark inside and outside.

It is really interesting to be writing this Moon Report just before the Mid-term elections. I’m curious to see what happens, and although it feels like our future depends on it, we don’t know what is divine timing and what is forced by mankind. It may feel like a ‘live or die’ situation because of the present Sun in Scorpio energy. And on top of that, the Moon in Scorpio causes deep, intense emotions which can be disturbing to witness.

It is important to remember that creation always expands and seeks life, although we cannot always see how. Not knowing, and not trusting, can throw us off and cause us to take no action. However, taking inspired action is true power. And apathy is the opposite of Creation

Regardless of the outcome, times are changing. Remember that linear time doesn’t really exist in creation, it has been created by humans to understand and control our 3D reality. Creation is cyclical and opportunities will come again and again. But you need to assert your power and take inspired action to honor the sacredness of Creation.

If you accept that your only job is to be the keeper of your life force, you will make powerful choices.
— Debbie Ford

There is a sense of excitement in the air which I can’t explain rationally. It just feels like something big is waiting to expand. This might have to do with the biggest planet in our Solar system, Jupiter. Jupiter has been dwelling in Scorpio as well, for a year. And on Thursday, November 8th, a day after the New Moon cycle starts, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius, the sign of the Archer, aiming for and his target. Jupiter in Sagittarius brings the influx of determination and empowerment that we have been looking for. 

The thing with Jupiter is that it expands whatever it meets. Anything new will grow very fast, which gives us a great opportunity to set really powerful intentions with great hope.

However, Jupiter also expands the things that needed to be transmuted but are still lingering. What is still here, will expand too. Any doubts or fears, old beliefs, negative thinking will also be greatly enhanced. It is really important to get very clear on what you want to expand. If there are any blocks you are aware of, this is the time to shift them! 

This is a great little New Moon ritual to do on Thursday, combining the intention setting of the New Moon and the new phase of Jupiter in Sag until December 2019.

Take your time to meditate or journal about it, preferably on a separate piece of paper. A simple but profound ritual to finally let go everything that you no longer need is to write it down and burn the paper. Don’t overthink it, don’t keep it. Let the fire of Jupiter moving into Sagittarius transform you.

We are transitioning from a time of searching and uncovering our Truth into a time of great promise and unimaginable expansion. For me personally, it means making divinely inspired choices about what I can bring forward in the world in such a way that it is sustainable for my health, my family, and my business. 

What is your desire? What is it exactly that you want to expand?