New Moon in Libra - October 9th 2018

Coming Tuesday, October 9th, 2018, at 5:47 CEST (Monday October 8th11:47 EST, 8:47 PST), the Moon will be dark again in the sign of Libra

The last New Moon on September 9th was in the sign of Virgo, calling us to pay attention to a renewed self-care routine, which has shown to be necessary and vital during the past weeks. As we saw the dark corners of the patriarchy exposed, unearthing the gross and disgusting dynamics we have lived in for thousands of years and the place of sex and power within this dynamic, a collective wound was torn open. 

I don’t think I need to explain the topic at hand because we all know what this is about. 

Grounding and comforting ourselves during these re-traumatizing times is vital to prevent tipping over into the abyss of destructive rage or cynicism. However, justice also needs to be done and it asks from us to step up, speak up, and be courageous.

We awaken by asking the right questions.
We awaken by seeking answers in corners that are not popular.
And we awaken by turning on the light inside
when everything outside feels dark.
— Suzy Kassem

I find it extremely hard to have discussions about this topic (the effects and fall of the patriarchy) with other people, even my husband, who is from a different generation and a balanced, sensitive, and loving man. But he never saw the world as I have seen it, as a woman, as a medical intern, as a girl, as a mother of two daughters who deserve to live in a balanced and post-patriarchal world.

The disowned shadows of the wounded masculine and feminine appear to be everywhere.

The interesting thing is, where I am usually the one in our relationship trying to convince my husband to see the intrinsic goodness and kindness of fellow human beings, I drift away easily from my own principles in the current discussions about the patriarchy. I need him to anchor me in understanding that I shouldn’t generalize about all men abusing power and all women being victimized and acting from a collective wound from my perspective of pain.

Libra is depicted as the scales of Justice and it is the sign of balance and relationships, and thus we are urged to make a decision on what we want more: to be right or to be loved

It’s is so important that we don’t drift away from the people we love. The polarization is real, and it can be devastating to our relationships. I try to be aware and work on it. 

When we can find the balance between fighting for the right thing without disconnecting from love and compassion, we embody the energy of Libra. 

There is a wound in me that still needs to be healed. It’s partly a personal wound but mostly collective. It’s hard to watch women speaking their truth, reading about it. I try to process this on my own.

Over the past two weeks, I was overcome with emotion and exhaustion. I know that healing is the cause of my fatigue because it takes a lot of energy to heal, both physically and emotionally. I try to flow with it, rest and restore to integrate it all. 

When you are experiencing heavy emotions or physical sensations like pain, fatigue, restlessness, which can be heavier than usual around this New Moon as the balance between masculine and feminine, light and dark, good and bad is challenged, take time to rest and restore. Seek the silence, light a candle, take a salt bath, meditate or journal about your feelings to process them. 

Libra is an air sign and we need to activate the lower chakras to balance and ground the energy.

A diet rich in root vegetables and red and orange colors helps grounding (hence pumpkin season!). Also, walking, dancing, jumping, or a foot massage can help ground you. When the weather allows it, go outside and find beauty in nature to ground yourself even more.Collect some items you find on your path, acorns, feathers, beautiful colored leaves, to take home with you and adorn your sacred space with. A great activity to do together with your loved ones over the weekend.