New Moon in Leo - August 11th 2018

Coming Saturday, August 11th, 2018, at 11:57 am (just before noon, check out your time zone), the Moon will be in Leo. It’s a New Moon and a partial Solar Eclipse, where the Moon will slide between the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow over it. 

Eclipse Season is in full swing. But first, there is another event taking place. On August 8, 2018 (8-8) is the day of the Lion's Gate. A powerful portal of Light opens up every year at this date, creating a huge influx of energy. 

I must admit I anticipated some sudden changes, but until now I’m enjoying a very peaceful and quiet summer holiday. I went camping with my children in the blistering heatwave that is torturing Europe for weeks now, so all we could do really was take naps and swim. And as I am writing this Moon Report, I am enjoying the Harz mountains in the center of Germany, with its beautiful forests. For me, this is paradise, being outdoors, in nature, being close to Mother Earth’s embrace

As I am still (anxiously?) waiting for the big bang shift to occur, it suddenly dawned on me that major changes don’t have to be related to our external world. After a few years of life events changing my external reality in big destructive ways, it might be that the time of crumbling temple pillars and roofs crashing down is finally over for me. I can now see that the destruction of my outside reality was necessary to make space for something else… 

The real changes are happening inside.

I feel more and more at ease with my new life, being an entrepreneur and the insecurity, freedom, and adventure it brings. I am now able to have faith in the Greater Forces (Universe, Gaia, God…) to feel supported although I have no clue what my life will be like in a year. I have been making more decisions from the heart and my intuition, clearly steering me in the right direction, preventing me from having to fix everything all the time, coming up with solutions from my head which is exhausting and stressful. I am able to surrender to Divine timing and inner guidance more.

So, when you are also awaiting the big bang, be aware that it might be happening inside.

The interesting thing is that external changes often feel like a loss, while the internal changes feel like finding peace. This leads to the awareness that we are so attached to our external reality, that we identify with it, and when it changes, we feel incomplete and broken as human beings. The truth is, the outside is only a projection and a lie. We are intrinsically whole. Our wholeness is inside. The outside is not a representative of our Divinity. Happiness, fulfillment, and abundance, really are an inside job.

Almost all planets are in retrograde at the moment. Retrogrades are an invitation to turn inward. Again, it’s happening in the inner realms.

The Lion's Gate and the New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse in Leo soon after, will open the next door to a new way of being. Starting from internal changes, we can make changes to your external world. Leo invites you to ‘follow your heart’. Although this adage sounds worn out these days, it goes deeper than it might seem at first. 

The heart is a compass, a guide. Everything you know is stored there. We are constantly trying to live life from the mind, in a rational way, solving problems like mathematical equations. But the true wisdom is in your heart. It has been there since you were incarnated. The only thing you have to do is follow the wisdom, the guidance… follow your heart.

If you use the guidance inside your heart to make decisions, you will be able to live your purpose. Living with joy is your purpose. Whatever makes you feel like dancing, filled with joy, that is what you are meant to do in this life. What makes your heart sing, is joyful.

Find some time the coming days to meditate and journal about your external and your internal worlds. What makes you happy? What gives you joy? What makes you feel like singing? If money, time, and status were not an issue, what would you do? What would you get out of bed for every morning because it gives you so much joy it doesn’t even feel like a chore, or like working?


During meditation, visualize a waterfall of bright white Light coming from the skies entering your crown, wrapping your body, and entering every cell in your body. Feel the Light in your Heart center.

Leo is all about creative self-expression, joy, and leadership. When you let the inside shifts happen, when you follow your heart, and make decisions from the heart, you will create impact. You will be a joyful leader, inspiring other people to do the same. This is the way to greater change, planetary shifts, and spreading of the new paradigm.

There are some answers to be uncovered here. The world needs your joy. 

Let the inside shift happen, let the energy surge from the Lion's gate enter your system, and step into your power as a joyful leader.