New Moon in Gemini - June 13th 2018

On Wednesday, June 13th, 2018 we will have the next New Moon in the sign of Gemini.

Gemini is an air sign. It exudes mental activity like thinking, connecting fresh ideas, brainstorming, mind mapping. It is also about being in connection with others, through communication, chatter, small talk, listening, and social behavior. 

Unbalanced, the Gemini energy can be overwhelming and leads to overthinking, analysis paralysis, mental illness, stress, and isolation.

The past few weeks have shown us that true connection on all levels (not just on a mental level!) is vital to our sense of wellbeing. The recent wave of suicides that we heard about in the media is just the tip of the iceberg. So many people are going through a crisis, we only hear about famous people on the news, but there are many more struggling. I don't think it's wise to ignore this.

And I also think it's insufficient to only be aware of people struggling when we hear about another suicide. We always need to be aware of what could be going on in someone's life.

Although we can connect so easily nowadays, and we have social media, email, WhatsApp and cell phones at our disposal, the level of disconnection is disheartening. There are masks on many people's faces, and glitter and unicorn social profiles, and we don't know a thing about what's really going on.

For me, the amount of people suffering from stress-related disorders like depression, anxiety, and burnout, is a clear sign that there is something extremely unsettling going on. 

Since the era of industrialization started over a century ago, people became more and more disconnected from the Earth, and each other. Information technology made it easier than ever to get in contact with people all over the globe. And still, we are losing our ability to connect. 

When I was in the depths of burnout, isolated in my home, too disoriented and anxious to go out for groceries, I needed connection so badly. Nobody visited me for over a year. I have never felt more isolated than ever before.

The thing is, when people are struggling, they tend to isolate themselves. Unfortunately, society overvalues social behavior and tends to judge isolation, because it's uncomfortable when people don't reach out, or we are confronted with silence. We feel easily rejected when people don't call or answer our text messages. 

However, isolation is a natural response to stress.

Research showed that when we are under severe stress, the nervous system shuts down, and we are less able to exhibit social behavior(e.g. reaching out for help, sharing, connecting, answering emails and picking up the phone!) and the part of our brain that comes up with solutions to problems has difficulty functioning. This isn't helpful to come out of a stressful situation. It is vital to know that your nervous system is not up to the task of lowering stress by itself. To do that, it needs human connection, touch, and compassion. Which is more difficult to ask for or give to someone, when we are under severe stress. See the downward spiral here?

Keep in mind that when you don't hear from someone, it might mean that they are not doing well. Don't take it personally. Reach out.

The Moon and Sun are both in Gemini, and the energy of this New Moon is all about our ability to truly connect, to reach out, beyond the mental level. 

Over the past few years, I turned to the internet for connection. After cleaning up my social media feeds, I started engaging in Facebook groups of like-minded people (and left them really quick when the atmosphere or comments didn't feel inspiring or uplifting to me). I joined online courses and learned that more people wanted to have a meaningful and purposeful life. I found a membership site for women where I made new friends all over the world. In February of this year, I started B-school and met two lovely women online who live within a 5-minute walk of my home! 

The connections I made online are - in some cases - stronger than my 'in real life' friendships. At first, I judged myself for it, because I thought virtual connection couldn't beat 'real' connection. But there is no difference really. It's not about the physical proximity, it's about the quality and authenticity. That's the real challenge, to truly open our hearts, speak from it, and listen. Use Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, look each other in the eye and share stories. And cry together. There's no shame in that. Life is freaking hard sometimes, let's not pretend we're ok when we're not. 

What I came to understand in my own time of crisis, is that the way we are treating Nature, the Earth, is the way we treat ourselves. We aren't just a figurine in the play of life. We are connected to life. We ARE life. 

This is a time of change. The more we feel how we lost the connection to ourselves, the more we will awaken to the way we treat Mother Earth. She is calling us. She is poking us. She is showing us what we do to Her, and to ourselves. And that isn't a nice feeling, I can tell you that.

Volcano's are erupting, floods are destroying man-made structures. She is roaring and calling upon us. She is showing us that we are One with Her.

And I am convinced that when we start reconnecting with Her, we start reconnecting to our Self, our own Nature as well, and we will heal together.

Whenever you feel alone, anxious, stressed, I invite you to connect. It doesn't matter who it is. Everyone is going through a difficult time, it's a collective unraveling. Call a friend or family member. Go online and share your story. Ask for support. Find someone you are feeling safe with (to lower the stress and help your nervous system cope). Ask Mother Earth for help, She is there to support you. She always has.

We need to re-evaluate the connections we have. That is what this New Moon in Gemini asks from us. Renew your connection to Gaia, to yourSelf, and to like-minded people. Find your Soul circle. Be there for someone and let yourself be supported. 

This New Moon, balance your mental activity by connecting with the Earth, with Nature, through touch with humans and animals, and through connecting authentically from the heart level.

That is our purpose, as humans. To be connected at the heart level.