New Moon in Capricorn - January 5th/6th 2019

The year starts with some interesting astrological events on the New Moon. This weekend (Saturday, January 5th 8:28 pm EDT, 5:28 pm PST or in Europe on Sunday, January 6th 2:28 am CEST) the New Moon in Capricorn coincides with a partial Solar Eclipse (also in Capricorn), which will be the first Eclipse of the year. It is also the day of the Three Kings' Day celebration, or Epiphany in the Christian tradition, which marks the end of the celebrations of the Light during the dark days of Winter. 

There is a turning point here. This day is considered the day of something magical. There is a spark of creation, unseen, that touches the seeds buried in the cold, barren Earth. There is nothing to be seen, and apparently, nothing changes, but without this Holy Touch of Awareness deep within the seed (or bean), nothing will sprout or grow later in Spring. The Light that we carried through the Winter by lighting candles and fires is returned to the land. 


You know that thing
You do so well,
That little spark
You hide
In the dark,
That you think
Nobody knows about –


Did you know
A gleam
That you beam
When you talk
Or do
That everyone
Knows about –

— Suzy Kassem

To have a partial Solar Eclipse and a New Moon on this day is truly powerful! Intentions will be amplified when we use this sacred spark of creation to charge them.

This New Moon and Eclipse take place in the sign of Capricorn. This is the sign of perseverance, of knowing what will work and what won't, of lessons and learning, reaching goals, and never giving up. If you take this into account, what area of your life needs this energy the most?

The Sun is all about what we want, while the Moon is about what we need. During a Solar Eclipse, the Moon energy is amplified, and our needs are strongly highlighted. Take this information and weave it into your intentions, because how you want to feel is more important than the things we want. 

Do you want a romantic partner? Or do you long to feel loved?
Do you want a new car? Or do you long to feel more autonomous?
Do you want more money? Or do you want to feel free?

See the difference here?

The energy of an Eclipse is carried throughout the coming 6 months and intentions you set on this day will come to fruition. Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to grow and bring to fruition this year. Write down your goals and intentions for 2019 now, if you haven't done so already.

On January 6th, Uranus will go direct in Aries. That means that Uranus comes out of its retrograde period (where it seems to go backward in the sky) and starts moving in the 'right' direction again. Uranus is all about surprises and possibilities. This means that whatever your intentions are for the coming month and beyond, Uranus will give it a nice twist. Things will not play out the way you think or plan, that's for sure, but it certainly will not be disappointing. This is also reflected in the New Moon energy. 

Like the sacred spark that touches the seed deep in the ground, you will not see results immediately and absolutely not the way you planned. Be patient, work consistently towards your goals, and you will be amazed by what is in store for you.

Happy New Year, blessed New Moon!