New Moon in Cancer - July 13th 2018

On Friday the 13th of July, 2018 at 4:47 am CEST, we will have the next New Moon in the sign of Cancer (convert to your time zone here, July 12th for US/Canada).

The Sun is still in Cancer, the water sign, and the Moon is slowly moving towards Cancer as well until they line up at the New Moon. There will be a partial solar eclipse as well and thus we are entering the Eclipse Season.

Eclipses are powerful portals of change. Where will they lead us to? Which doors are closing and which ones will open?

This first eclipse, it's the watery Cancer energy that is on the forefront. Cancer is the lobster with the hard shell and the soft belly and symbolizes the vulnerable parts of us. The parts where we feel wounded, and where we need a nurturing mother to feel safe and supported. It is closely connected to our deepest pain and emotions because these wounds exist since we were very young, and were created under conditions where our mother couldn't meet our needs (often due to adult life circumstances).

This eclipse can stir up strong emotions regarding our childhood. We all have childhood trauma to some extent and we are heavily shaped by it, in a sense that we lead our lives trying to avoid the pain we once suffered from. We bury the wounds so deep that we aren't even aware of them anymore. And in doing so, we avoid healing, new experiences, growth, and ultimately, freedom. 

Avoidance of pain and stress will not help us grow. There is this famous video of a rabbi explaining the growth cycle of a lobster and how it is related to stress.

A lobster can only grow when it sheds its shell. The trigger to do that is that it feels uncomfortable. 

We are living in a society where stress and discomfort are medicated, suppressed, and avoided. This results in temporary relief, but will we not grow, and therefore continue to behave in ways and stay in situations that make us unhappy.

This week I experienced this myself too. I went to a job interview that matched my qualifications perfectly. It was a nice conversation and they wanted to hire me, but I felt totally exhausted and in mental and physical pain afterward. It took me several days to understand what had happened. 

Over the last two years, I have been in a transformational process of personal and spiritual growth and I took some major leaps in my personal and professional life. I have grown and developed so many aspects of my being that this job interview was a way of stepping back into the old me, into old structures, old behavior that doesn't align with my new Self anymore. I have never felt this so clearly before. The moment you have outgrown your shell, you can't go back. You can't be blind to what you see.

It's too uncomfortable. I didn't accept the job.

I am ready for the new Me. I am ready to take Elemental Life to the next level. I am determined to help others make the same quantum leap. I am currently working on a course on cyclical living and energy management, because this way of living enabled me to grow, recover, expand, and have the energy for a new start. I will update you when it's ready. Feel free to send me an email if you want to know more or enter the waitlist here.

Change is inevitable and uncomfortable, but you can be free, healthy, happy, and abundant. It's possible, and it's possible for you.

This New Moon is a very powerful one. It will show you where you are uncomfortable. And thus it will show you where your potential growth lies. 

Focus on how you want to feel and move in the direction of that feeling. It is your guide. 

If you feel like it is time to shed your old self, create a safe place for your transition, cancel appointments, arrange some support around you, (your partner, friends, family, a coach), go within, and release your shell.

Nurture your body, nurture your Soul. 

Welcome the new You.