New Moon in Aries - April 15th/16th 2018

On Sunday, April 16th, 2018 (4 am CEST, which is April 15th, 10 pm EDT, 7 pm PST!!) the New Moon will be in Aries.

This last month the energy of the Sun already was in Aries, and now the Moon will line up in Aries as well. A month ago, when the New Moon was still in Pisces, you probably have felt the Aries energy of the Sun and a few other planetary placements in Aries. The push of action, movement, the energy of spring and new beginnings was already there. 

The New Moon in Pisces was about the collective unconscious and reclaiming old wounds, and chances are that you have set intentions around something you now feel was nog aligned with you. It may have been aligned with collective values, or with the things, you think the world needs, but now it's time to reassess whether your plans are also aligned with what YOU want.

This became very clear to me over the last month. I was feeling the fiery energy of Aries very strongly (I'm a fire sign myself) and this resulted in lots of ideas, plans for my business, and the intention to follow the energy. What I didn't see was that I was pulled in the direction of revisiting the past once more to healing some old wounds. In my case, working hard and pushing where I should stop, rest, and realign. 

Feeling fatigued, stressed, and blocked, I fell into the trap of working harder, to create the sense of movement and progress. I got caught up in the conditioning of linear living, achieving, goal-getting and high performance. The dead-end street pushing. I thought I was persevering towards my goals, but instead, I was doing the same thing over again. I thought I was preventing stagnation from happening, but I was only repeating old patterns. My coping mechanisms were triggered massively, to teach me this lesson once and for all, and I hope I get it now. When I feel blocked or stressed out, or under pressure, I need to create space. Which is, in my case, the opposite of working and pushing through.

That is what I really want, to feel spacious, and without pressure, effortless. The irony is that working hard is not effortless, of course. 

What I was taught by the shifting energy from Pisces (collective) into Aries (individual) was that we can only serve when we tend to our needs first. When we create what we want for ourselves first. This is radical self-care. We are told that taking care of our own needs first, is a selfish way of living. The opposite is true. When we always take care of others first, we burn out, we drain ourselves of vital energy, resulting in health problems, depression, burnout, resentment, anger... 

I decided to walk the talk. I am determined to help others with radical self-care, by tuning in to the natural cycles. When this is my purpose, I have to attune to my own natural cycle as well. 

So here I am, just before the New Moon. The energy is low. I will not push myself.

I pledged to myself to make space in my calendar for extra recovery time around the New Moon, especially when I'm menstruating (my cycle lined up with the Moon cycle when I started to pay attention to both 2 years ago). Sleep is important, and I go to bed earlier over the coming days.

What can you do for yourself to insert some radical self-care into your weekend? Maybe skip an appointment today? Cancel your club-night or book-club this Saturday and reschedule in 2 weeks when the energy picks up? Go for a walk in nature instead of racing to the gym? Homecook on Sunday instead of easy takeaway? There are many ways of taking care of yourself, you are the only person to decide what you need. 

Don't feel guilty, don't judge yourself. Remember that this is conditioning. Nobody can tell you what you need, only you know, when you listen. Listening to yourself is not selfish.

The Aries New Moon invites you to choose what is right for YOU, in every MOMENT. Radical Self-care.

With this in mind, this is the perfect time to set your intentions this New Moon. It's both the start of a Moon cycle, and the start of a Year cycle, astrologically. What you sow today, you will harvest in a year. 

Will it be for you, in order to grow and serve, or for others only, to deprive yourself of what you need? You decide.