New Moon in Aquarius - February 4th 2019

On Monday, February 4th, the New Moon will be greeting us from the sign of Aquarius at 10:04 pm CEST (4:04 pm EST, 1:04 pm PST). The Sun and Moon are conjunct (in alignment) and there is also a partial solar Eclipse (which will be visible in the Southern part of South America and Antartica, which is nice to know if you happen to live there 😉 ).

Aquarius is an Air sign (and not a water sign, as the name suggests). The element Air is connected to the mental realms – thoughts, ideas, communication, visions, intuition. This sign prompts us to reflect, judge, evaluate. Which is a great skill and we have to thank our cerebral cortex for it, but it can also cause us to be particularly hard on ourselves. 

Especially around a New Moon, where the energy is low and the shadows emerge, we need to be aware of self-judgment and self-criticism that isn’t helpful, nor true

The moon cycle that comes to an end started in Capricorn, the sign of working hard, achievement, perseverance, and perfect execution. When you reflect on this for yourself, can you recognize areas of your life where this was noticeable? What did you complete or succeed in? What are you proud of? If you catch yourself thinking: “Well, nothing big or important” or even “I didn’t do anything!”, read on.

We tend to overlook the successes and focus on everything that didn’t happen, or the things we still long for but don’t have yet. And this can cause us so much unnecessary pain and suffering. However, as living, thinking beings we always create, consciously and unconsciously. 

Look back at the past month and make a list of the things that manifested for you in some way or another, things you did or experienced. Focus on the small things first, and you will see that many things have happened and changed that would have gone by unnoticed if you didn’t reflect on them with intent. 

What did you create? Who did you meet? What places did you visit? What projects did you start? Or finish? Which small actions did you take in the direction of your goals? Maybe you start to see some bigger things you already forgot.

Of course, you will also find some things on your list that didn’t pay off yet, or do not make sense for you now in your current context. But they happen for a reason, and in due course, it will all fall into place. Let go of self-criticisms and judgment and trust in the larger scheme. 

After you reflected on the past lunar cycle, take the insights you now have to craft new intentions with for the coming cycle. 

Aquarius energy loves to be mindful about what we want to manifest. Also, SMART goals work like a charm for lunar cycles under Air signs.

SMART goal setting is based on an acronym and the letters stand for several dimensions. Depending on the goal or your preference, pick a word that you think is most fitting. 

S: Specific – Significant – Stretching

M: Measurable – Meaningful – Motivational

A: Achievable - Action-oriented – Aligned

R: Realistic – Relevant – Rewarding 

T: Time-based – Tangible – Trackable  

For example, I chose Stretching – Meaningful – Aligned – Relevant – Time-based for a webinar (aaaah, stretching but very aligned with my teachings, relevant and meaningful to the people I want to serve) I would like to create this month (time-based). 

Although our minds LOVE this method of planning and goal-setting, don’t underestimate the wisdom of your intuition, which is also an Aquarian quality. 

So, if your intuition tells you to go to a certain place or you feel strongly that you should call someone, please follow that nudge, although your rational mind can't comprehend why you should do that. 

There is always magic in the Air.

Blessed New Moon!