Full Moon in Virgo - February 19th 2019

On Tuesday, February 19th, we will have a Full Moon at 4:53 pm CEST / 10:53 am EST / 7:53 am PST.

This Full Moon will be very close the Earth, this is called a Super Moon, and therefore it appears to be 15% larger than the average Full Moon. I’m hoping for clear skies! 

This Super Moon is the second one of the year, we will have another one in March before she starts circling away from the Earth again, on Her elliptical orbit. 

Super Moons can have effects on tectonic plates & tides because the gravitational energy of the Moon is stronger than usual. And as we are part of nature, Super Moons can cause profound shifts in us as well, on several levels of our being. Physically, you might experience trouble sleeping. Emotionally, you may feel emotions more strongly. Energetically, you may feel pulled in a certain direction. And so on.

This Super Moon will fall in the astrological sign of Virgo. Virgo is an Earth sign, related to efficiency, perfectionism, time-management, finishing projects, closure, purification, and healing. The Sun just shifted into Pisces, the sign of vision, dreams, and everything stirring under the surface.

The Full Moon in Virgo will illuminate those themes. 

This year started off with a lot of powerful, action-oriented energy, with Mars (masculine energy) in Aries (beginnings, initiation, individualism) and Jupiter (expansion) in Sagittarius (goal setting). However, Mars just shifted into the Taurus (work, security, the body, agriculture, money) last Friday, which can create a feeling of ‘it needs to happen now, and I have to work really hard to get there’. 

There are some other major shifts that I’d like to mention too. Chiron (asteroid, the ‘wounded healer’) moved into Aries on February 18th, the day before the Full Moon, and he will stay there for the next eight years. Chiron in Aries would be a perfect transit to heal the wounded masculine. Looking slightly forward to what will follow, Uranus, the game-changing planet of unexpected shifts, revolutions, and innovative surprises, moves into Taurus in May, to stay there for the next seven years.

Taking all these major changes into account, the theme that gets highlighted this Full Moon is our relationship to work and productivity, and how it affects our body, means of income, and sense of security, which will definitely be changed in a revolutionary way over the coming years. This Full Moon gives us a sneak peek of what is coming.

Maybe you have been feeling this for some time now. I know I have. More and more people begin to notice that the old ways of linearity, having a typical J-O-B, cubicle life, and industrialized human labour are not working anymore. It makes our body & Soul sick, and it cuts us off from our intuition and creativity. Chronic illness and stress are prevalent, and it is causing great losses in our private lives. On a more macro-economic scale, we see that work productivity is going down all across the Western world, which is a liability to economic growth. Meaning, people go to work every day, but they are less and less productive, and not producing value in such a way that it grows the economy, from a monetary point of view. We are nearing a turning point where we can’t make people work more hours or force them to create value when their creativity has gone down the drain. Something needs to shift.

There have been measures taken to counteract these effects, like more flexible workweeks, shorter contracts, making it even easier to fire employees. The labour market (I so don’t like this word..) is changing, but it’s not focusing on the right things at the moment. We need different values to measure growth, like fulfilment, happiness, creative potential, climate-centeredness. The feminine principles need to be incorporated too.

Something needs to change, but it’s so scary to step out of what we know, because we have no idea how to make it outside of the system. I get it, and it is keeping us captured.

Don’t let the current events get at you. There’s a revolution coming, and you can start to prepare for it now! I think we need to stop looking at companies or government for solutions. All revolutions start within. 

Give yourself permission to journal about work around this Full Moon to find out what this theme means to you. It doesn’t matter whether you are an employee, or a business owner, or a volunteer, or doing unpaid work. Or maybe you don’t have a job at the moment, what would you like to create?

  • Start by find out what your like about work. What is your why? Is it money? Making a change? Having nice co-workers? Serving your clients? Something else?

  • Do you like your work? What do you like about it? What makes you light up? What is your zone of brilliance (not in an intellectual way, what comes naturally to you)?

  • What are your beliefs about work, money, security, and productivity? Do you find it easy to rest? Do you give yourself permission to do nothing? Are you addicted to busyness in some way?

  • Then ask yourself: is there anything I’d like to change? If money, time, and energy were limitless, and I could just dream, what would I like to do with my life? Muse and dream, and let your inner voice speak to you. 

  • Try to think of a way to use the information you received. Can you make small changes at work? Maybe bring a few items to your desk that remind you of what you want? Maybe you can change a habit, for example go out for a lunch walk if you would like to work in an outside environment. Do you need to drop one of your projects to start working on your dream? Every small change we make will have effect in some way.

By making these little changes for yourself, you will start to change your mindset and your relationship to work. You will feel better, and you will be preparing yourself for the revolution that will happen over the next few years.

This Full Moon in Virgo will help you to dream big!

Blessed Full Moon! 

With love, Willemijn