Full Moon in Taurus - October 24th 2018

In two days, on Wednesday October 24th, the Full Moon will be in Taurus at 6:45 pm CEST (12:45 pm EDT, 9:45 am PST). This Moon is also called the Hunter’s Moon or the Moon of the Dying Grass. She rises at sunset, and sets around sunrise, which will make Her visible the entire night this month. So, if you’re in for some moon gazing… this is your night.

The Sun will shift into Scorpio in the early morning of the 24th, and the Moon clicks into Taurus shortly after that. Although the Moon cycle starts with a New Moon, this one may feel like everything suddenly starts anew at the Full Moon. 

Fall is in full swing. The weather has been extraordinarily warm and sunny over here in Northern Europe, which we enjoyed to the fullest, but I’m also wondering how it is possible that the Summer lasted from March until October this year. I feel constant worry about it… It could well be related to climate change. Although I really loved the long Summer, I’m living 3 meters under the sea level and although we are good at water management here in the Netherlands, the warning signs are here and they are making me feel uncertain about the future.

Contemplating this, thinking and worrying about my health, my financial future, and the future of humanity and the planet is what I have been doing a lot lately. And I decided nothing is going to change when I’m only worried about it. I have a clear vision about my personal future and the future of society, and the planet. I’d better keep working towards it. 

But how do we know what the right track is? What we are called to do about it? What our mission is? I am certain that we all know the right path, deep inside of us. It’s a matter of listening, and taking inspired action.

What I learned over the past few years is that my body informs me immediately when I’m going in the wrong direction. Whenever I do something that is not aligned with my vision and truth, I’m feeling unwell. My muscles start to hurt, I get chest pains, and I feel really tired. And then, when I’m working towards my vision of my future and the future of humanity, I feel light and happy. 

Thus, I decided not to be helpless and worried, but to take inspired action. 

This messaging system called 'the body' is so wise and helpful. But we tend to override it with thoughts, ideas, programming, and conditioning. The element that represents our body, is earth. It is intriguing how we are treating our bodies the same as we are treating the planet we live on, Earth. We are ignoring the signs of the planet on a massive scale, overriding it with thoughts, conditioning, illusions, and lies we keep telling ourselves to feel safe. We are constantly trying to get power over nature, the same way we are trying to ignore the needs of our bodies.

When we don’t listen enough, or when we believe in the lies for too long, we get sick. The earth element gets out of balance. The way nature creates balance is by creating chaos first. An oak tree with a weak branch will lose this branch in an October storm, so the tree will be able to get some more light to the healthy branches, and won’t lose its energy through the weak branch. The loss of the branch restores the balance in the tree, and in the forest as a whole. 

The Full Moon will be in Taurus, and Taurus is an Earth sign. So, this Full Moon can bring up emotions, thoughts, and insights around the earth element - the body, financial issues, the beauty in nature, flourishing, and grounding

How is your body communicating with you? 

What are the signs you are not listening to? 

What are you ignoring? 

Where could you flourish more?

What feels ungrounded in your life?

How can you create financial stability?

The Sun will be in the sign of Scorpio - the sign of transformation, death and rebirth, and submerging into the depth, exploring the shadows – and He will stay there for the coming month. Scorpio is the force within that pushes us towards change and transformation. Scorpio is the storm that breaks the weak branches. There are more personal planets in Scorpio at the moment (Mercury - communication, Venus - beauty, relationships, femininity, and Jupiter - expansion, growth), and powerful transformations are taking place under the surface.

A storm creates chaos first, but the effect long term is that of rearrangement, a balance will occur again. It’s a perpetual motion of chaos to balance to unbalance to chaos, and so on.

The natural disasters that we see happening all over the planet, are a force of nature - the ability to create balance through chaos. We view natural 'disasters' as destruction of the structures created by us, humans. But what if these structures (buildings, systems) are the main cause of the imbalance? Moreover, what if we started creating together with nature instead of forcing these imbalances upon nature? What if we started working and creating aligned with the natural cycles of growth? How would that change everything? 

What if we would leave behind the old ways of power OVER nature? 

We would be able to create so much more…

This Moon cycle can illuminate the patterns that do not serve the balance. The old stories and beliefs that need to transmute into something new. With the Moon in Taurus, don’t be surprised when your body is giving you the information. 

What is hurting? 

What gives you tension? 

What needs to be released? 

Where do you need to realign with nature? 

Where are you trying to have power over your body?

Your body is your compass. It leads the way. Follow the needle on your compass to lead you towards the ‘right thing’, closer to your Truth. Listen to your body and treat it with the respect it deserves. You will experience the difference short-term, but definitely in the long run. Meditate during this Full Moon to find out the things that your body needs right now, and try to make it a habit to take good care of it. 

It’s the same with the planet. How can I change something today to serve Earth? We need to work with Her instead of ignoring Her. 

Without your body, your Soul has no place to live. 

Without Earth, we have no place to live.