Full Moon in Scorpio - April 29th/30th 2018

The Moon is moving through Her cycle and will be in the Full Moon phase on April 29th/30th (depending on your location). 

During the year the Sun moves through the astrological signs (in fact, it’s the Earth that is orbiting the Sun, but we see the Sun as if it is moving around us), approximately one sign a month. The Moon cycles around the Earth in a month, and will touch each sign during this journey. This means that the Moon cycles through the signs much faster than the Sun does. 

Full Moon is a time of opposing energies when the Moon is opposite the Sun. The Sun is currently in the sign of Taurus, the bull, and the Moon will be in Scorpio, on Sunday. It’s the time to harvest what we intended at the New Moon, two weeks ago.

Taurus is an Earth sign, very grounded, practical, physical, connected to things of beauty and value. Scorpio is the water sign of death, rebirth, sex, magic, and transformation. Very fluid, almost like a veil to the underworld. Herein lies the power of this Full Moon. When the watery aspect of Scorpio is combined with the earthy aspects of Taurus, this can be very transformative. 

Scorpio enables us to dive deep into our subconscious, the underworld of the Soul, to bring to the surface what we buried deep. This can be our shadow Self, unwanted or suppressed aspects of who we are or things we don’t want to face. This Full Moon will call upon those parts of us.

When you are truly living, there is no need to suppress parts of yourself. Unfortunately, the ego assesses authenticity and Soul expression as dangerous and fears rejection, pain, and suffering. The role of the ego is to protect you from suffering, causing all sorts of thoughts and emotions that keep you from living authentically and expressing who you really are. The challenge lies in calming down the ego and choosing to let go of conditioned behavior, to be able to express and create from your true Self. 

Taurus is the sign ruled by Venus and this sign is about beauty, value, self-love, and self-worth. If we are truly able to see ourselves for who we are, and accept and love ourselves unconditionally, risk rejection and look beyond what we fear, beautiful things will come into existence. 

This isn’t about changing yourself into something else, that is wanted, or loved. It’s about self-acceptance and total surrender to the murky waters.

This Full Moon is a gateway to the Soul. What is the real beauty of you? What do you need to let go of to be able to shine your light in this world? How can you value yourself more?

When water and earth come together, mud will form. This looks messy and murky at first. It takes down everything in its path and it will cover everything it touches in a homogenous layer.

However, mud is one of the most powerful mechanisms that nature has to clean itself. This can be seen in the force of mudslides, swiping away mountain slopes and every structure that is built by humans. Think about this Full Moon as the mudslide that is cleaning out your system and can swipe away your self-built ego-structures. What will remain are deposits of fertile soil, where new life can grow and the beauty of your Nature will show itself all over again.

Everything new, sprouting during this Taurus month will have strong, grounded roots. It’s the perfect time for a purge. Bury the things that you want to let go, let them be carried away by the mudslides, so they can be digested by the Earth, and turn into flowers again. 

It is no coincidence that in the old European traditions, the fertility celebration of Beltane falls on the first night of May. People danced around the Maypole (a phallic fertility symbol) with bright colored ribbons and flower decorations. My daughters still learn to perform these maypole dances at their Waldorf school at the beginning of May, dressed in white, curling around the maypole weaving the ribbons into intricate patterns.

Beltane is strongly connected to the astrological forces. People gathered to celebrate creation and the cycle of life. It was recognized ages ago already that what happens in nature over and over again, happens in us. So above, so below.  

Let’s find our way back to this ancient knowledge.