Full Moon in Sagittarius - May 29th 2018

On May 29th, 2018, at 4:19 pm CEST (click here to convert to your timezone) the Full Moon will appear in Sagittarius, the Archer, sign of travel, freedom, and optimism. The Sun is in Gemini, the sign of communication, expression, writing, speech, and listening

Full Moons are a representation of the opposite forces of Sun and Moon and may cause conflict in our internal and/or external worlds. In this case, the opposite forces are freedom and communication... What comes to mind is freedom of speech, clear language, authentic self-expression, the freedom to choose what we listen to and read about, informed and voluntary consent...

The days prior to the upcoming Full Moon are cluttered with administrative GDPR stuff and privacy regulations. It's not a coincidence when we look at the current astrological energies. Of course, clear and transparent communication is extremely important, and most people are trustworthy when it comes to your data, especially small business owners whose 'big why' is to serve the world. 

It is a good thing that with progress and changes in how society communicates (and how data is stored and processed), new legislation is developed and implemented. That is supporting us while we evolve as a species towards higher consciousness.

Although the effect is that we are now flooded with emails and privacy policies... which is utterly distracting and steers us away from the important themes that we really should pay attention to. That is the downside of chatty, communicative, connecting Gemini - easily distracted and energy drains away because of a lack of focus. The bombardments of information we face every single day on social media, the news, and through communication with others, is pulling us away from our center, and we don't even notice it. 

Creating a stronger filter for the messages you let into your system every day is a form of self-care. You are the only one to decide what is helping you to stay centered, and what is not.

Sagittarius, the counterforce to Gemini, invites us to create clarity and focus to aim the arrow and hit the target with determination. Sagittarius wants the freedom to choose and move around, in order to reach the higher goals in life. 

Remember that you are always free to choose the conditions for your own life. You are free to decide what you receive and what not. It is important to focus on the things that are important for you and to make aligned choices. 

To continue on the Full Moon, it is also a time of harvesting. What seeds did you plant during the New Moon? If you are keeping a journal, look back to May 15th to see what came up for you around New Moon. What intentions did you set? 

For me, the last two weeks have been a time of rethinking and realigning. I am getting more clarity on my services. I'm finetuning my mission statement in order to be able to communicate it more clearly. Cyclical living, with the seasons, the Moon, and our own natural energy cycles, is a key component, and personal energy management is another part of it. 

If you are struggling with your energy, health, stress, or if you feel like you have no time for yourself, feeling overwhelmed by all the things you have to do, cyclical living can help you to use your energy in a more sustainable way. 

When you are able to feel where your Return on Energy (ROE) is low, you will be able to make other choices in your life. You don't have to feel tired and stressed all the time. There's another way. And it has a lot to do with the connection to the sources of energy, within yourself, on a physical level, to the planet, on a global level, and on a spiritual level, to Source.

When you are aware of how your connection is to your resources, it's possible to make adjustments. Clarity is key here.

That's why I'm inviting you to keep an energy journal. Writing and journaling are perfect Gemini exercises. Write down how you feel each day. 

Journaling prompts

*Where did your energy go? 

*Did you get anything back (Return on Energy)? 

*What gives you energy?

*How do you recharge?

*What took too much effort?

*What did you do with ease?

The Return on Energy may consist of tangible and intangible results. Joy, money, health, conversations, emotions, material things, sense of fulfillment, and so on. Try to get a sense of how you spend your energy, and what you see in return. Pay special attention to how connections with others and technology influence you. 

You will find that the more you are aware of how energy flows in your life, the clearer you see what needs to change to preserve it for the things you really want. That is the clarity that the Archer needs in order for him/her to point his arrows. 

If you have clarity, you will aim your bow with a straight arm into the direction you want to go. That is true freedom.