Full Moon in Pisces - August 26th 2018

This weekend, on Sunday 26th August, just before 2 pm CEST August 26th (check out your time zone here), there will be a Full Moon in Pisces.  

Summer is at its height here in the Northern hemisphere. It’s a time of abundant growth and production and we didn’t have to do much about it except watering the garden (when allowed...), because of the extreme drought that hit Europe hard this year (and many other places in the world as well). 

The power of the Sun has been transmuted into growth in a magical way. We harvested two huge zucchinis after a two-week vacation, both were over 2.5 kilos! I’m having everything zucchini this week, soup, muffins, zoodles, and I will be freezing a bunch of bags filled with chopped up zucchini to use in dishes later.

As this is a period of growth and abundance, at the same time, the days are already getting shorter. The Sun is setting earlier in the evening, the mornings are cooler, the air is more humid.

The Sun shifted into the sign of Virgo, the sign of paying attention to the details, finishing tasks, taking care of the little things to complete projects. It is now time to start harvesting and slowly turn our awareness to the dark months ahead. But before that, let’s enjoy late Summer to the fullest! 

I hope you have had a great summer, with the twists and turns that the Eclipses might have created. Maybe it has been challenging, with the heat, the drought, the fires, or personal events. If so, take the coming month to ground your experiences into reality. What needs to shift or adapt to get you going again? What needs to be integrated?

For me, the Summer holidays have been nourishing. After we spent the last two weeks in the forest, I feel rejuvenated and whole. It was so healing to be in Nature all day, hiking along streams, feeling lost and found at the same time among the majestic fir trees. Listening to the sounds of the forest, the humming of the bees and the song of the birds, reminding us of our connection constantly.

Back home, I was immediately surrounded by the sounds of airplanes and cars, workers deconstructing the neighbors’ old bathroom, and it struck me how difficult it is in daily life to find a place in Nature without being disturbed by mechanical noise. Whenever you find such a place, treat it like a sanctuary. A place where you can sink deep, relax, and find yourself. 

The coming Full Moon will be in watery Pisces, the psychic sign of dreams and visions, escape, mysticism, the subconscious, and art. The dark side of Pisces is possible delusion and confusion. In a way, it’s the energy of the Full Moon multiplied because the Moon is connected to the subconscious, our emotions and the element of water as well.

Pay attention to your feelings, they are your compass and guide. Write down any dreams or sudden insights to capture the wisdom that lies within. Be aware of thought patterns that keep you stuck or small, they are only keeping you from evolving. Wherever you feel fear or anger, examine the thoughts that are causing these emotions, and make sure to challenge them. Life is always supporting you, break through the illusion of lack and scarcity to see the Truth.

Create your own sanctuary for diving deep and do this important work. You might want to take time to create a sacred space in your home, a shelf or altar, where you can sit in silence and meditate or connect to your Higher Self, Mother Earth, the Universe, your ancestors (or something else with great meaning for you), so you can feel supported and guided. 

You can decorate it with beautiful items, that have symbolical meaning to you, to ground your dreams in the physical reality. Pay attention to how you feel and the thoughts that arise, while you create it. When done with full awareness, creating a sacred space can be a powerful mindfulness practice in which you can open yourself up to receive messages from your subconscious.

Although this Summer Full Moon in Pisces might sound unpredictable and possibly uncontrollable due to the expansive, ungrounded emotional energy connected to it, it won’t be like that. Learning to follow your heart and trust your feelings and the wisdom that lies within gives you great power over your life. The minute you let your inner compass guide you, external forces lose control over you. 

This might well be the lesson of this Full Moon in Pisces, pay attention to your inner world, in great detail, and you will get closer to manifesting your best life.