Full Moon in Libra - March 31st 2018

Oh yes, another Blue Moon!! The second one in 2018. In March there will be 2 Full Moons, just like we had in January (the second Full Moon in a calendar month is called a Blue Moon).

This Blue Moon will be in Libra on March 31st, 2018 at 2:37 pm CEST (8:37 am EDT, 5:37 am PST).

The last New Moon in Pisces on March 17th really took its toll. I have heard the same experiences from a lot of people. Fatigue, illness, palpitations, confusion, emotional disturbances, heavy dreams, nightmares, old things coming to the surface... It was a time of completion and integration, just before the start of the new astrological year. 

For me personally, the energy was so intense that I was experiencing serious health issues (including an Emergency Room visit) and a complete standstill was acutely necessary. Something that is not so easy to surrender to, in our productivity-obsessed & goal getting society. But I know that when I listen to this and give in, the easier it is. I cleared out my calendar and implemented 2 weeks of rest, space, and processing time and I'm on the mend now.

We can't force what isn't possible. To go with the flow is the only choice we have. I realized that what I had to do was to surrender to the forces of nature, the cyclical way of living. I strongly believe that this is the only way we are able to preserve and restore our energy when we need it and that we are able to move mountains when we move with the high tides.

Recently, I wrote an article on cyclical living and how it can prevent stress and burnout and help you restore your energy. Being aware of the cyclical energy of nature can be very healing, on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.But I needed to walk the talk and the last New Moon made me see that very clearly.

And in the meantime... Spring is here! 

 On March 21st, the day and night were equally long (hence 'Equinox' meaning 'equal dark'). This was the official start of the astrological year, the Sun is in the sign of Aries, the ram.

The Aries energy is very masculine, strong, radiant, forward. This energy is nature's creative force. Aries represents the beginning of our lives as well. The start of the journey. Action as evidence of being. 

Until April 21st, the Sun is in Aries, the headstrong sign of fire, energy and new beginnings. This burst of energy is necessary to let everything in nature sprout and bud. It's the force that cracks open the seeds in the soil. However, when this energy is not met with a balancing energy, it dies down easily too. When the tiny freshly sprouted roots don't meet fertile soil, no plant will ever grow. 

Imagine the force behind this sprouting, and the counterforce that it would take to stop it in its tracks... nothing could stop nature from blossoming, it's such a strong impulse. But blossom only lasts for a few days...

That is the masculine forward action oriented power of Aries. When we storm ahead like this, focused on the goal, we can easily burn out, miss important information, or run past what we really want. The outward masculine push is very strong. Moreover, it is heavily idealized by our culture of forward, linear, goal-oriented ambition. Rest, evaluation, reflection, and intuition are not valued in our society. This is as far from cyclical living as possible and will inevitably lead to high levels of stress and burnout. That is one of the reasons why 1 in 10 employees experience burnout, and this needs to change.

Knowing the above, it's easier to understand how too much or ungrounded Aries energy can also cause aggression, anger or anxiety. When you are experiencing this, it's crucial to ground (not counter!) the energy and to replenish.

The Sun in Aries energy (masculine) needs to meet something else, a grounding energy, to materialize the creative force. That is what the Full Moon (the feminine energy) in Libra (the scales) brings in to the mix. Balance, beauty, and harmony.

We can ground through connecting with nature. Walking, jumping, putting your hands to the ground (gardening).

Try to cook with organic roots, beets, carrots, spring onions and other greens that grow below the surface. To replenish your energy, vitamins, and minerals, use what is available in nature this time of year. Sprouts, fresh nettles (tea or soup, you have to heat them to remove the sting), herbs, edible flowers contain high volumes of vital nutritional elements.  

Try to go outside and catch the Sun to ramp up vitamin D production in the skin. However, be careful to take your coat off immediately...

We are coming out of winter, with less energy and fighting off the last bugs of the flu season. The Sun is already getting warmer, tempting us to sit outside with only a t-shirt... Remember, when you did that as a child and your mom said not to take your coat off, or else you would catch something? Take that in mind, because she was right! 

Our immune systems have had a rough time during the cold winter months, with little ventilation and very little sunlight to create vitamin D in our skin. Vitamine D enhances immune system functioning, and that is why we are prone to catch a spring cold now our levels of vitamin D are low. Our white blood cells react to exposure to cold circumstances and are less able to function properly when we become even slightly hypothermic (again, remember your mom saying: "Don't catch a cold!"). My advice is, please do go outside, sit with your face in the sun but keep your coat on for a little bit longer. At least until after the Easter celebrations. We traded our winter coats for summer coats after Easter, my mom wasn't easy on us on this one...

It's all about balance. Enjoy spring, take some time of to celebrate Easter or the Full Moon this weekend with your family and friends, have a great time together, but don't dive in to frantically, outrun yourself, get all caught up in the competitive Easter vibes of perfectionism and competition (egg hunts!), and bump your head.

Look at your Easter eggs and remember that the spark of life can only come from darkness. And that eggs can only hatch when they are well cared for, patiently, and carefully. 

Happy Easter! Blessed Full Moon!