Full Moon in Capricorn - June 28th 2018

On June 28th, 2018, at 6:53 am CEST (click here to convert to your timezone) the Full Moon will appear in Capricorn, while the Sun is in Cancer.  

Last week, on June 21st, Summer officially started on the Summer Solstice. The Moon was in Libra at the time, and this gives us a foreshadowing of the coming months. The Libra Moon was calling us to find balance

My daughter asked me a question about the Solstice. She said: "How come the Sun is at the highest point on the first day of Summer? Why isn't it at the highest point in the middle of Summer?"

That also made me think about balance. Nature always creates balance. How does this play out with the seasons? 

Imagine, that the longest day (Summer Solstice) would be in the middle of Summer, let's say in August, and that during the first 2 months of Summer, the Sun would continue to climb and the days would be longer and longer... what would happen? There would be too much fire in the Summer months, and too much ice in Winter, and we would perish. We need the days to gradually shorten during the Summer months, to ensure the hemispheres from overheating, or getting too cold during Summer and Winter, respectively. 

The coming six months until the Winter Solstice we will constantly be reminded about balance, in all areas of life. Energy, health, spending, work, business, politics, relationships, community. 

Polarities will become clearer and be more and more unsustainable. We need to seek the middle road, compromise and connect.

The first two weeks of this Moon cycle hit us all hard on an emotional level. Injustice and oppression came to the surface where we least expected it, inside our own 'liberal', 'safe', 'free' world. This is typical Cancerian energy. We have been wounded in our inner core, we feel the pain in our gut, like a crab, pierced through the soft belly. 

The crab (Cancer) has a hard shell, and can protect itself very well, but is also soft inside, and is therefore easily hurt and in emotional pain when the threat comes from below, or from within. Old wounds, old unprocessed pain, and violence we don't expect at all will hurt deeply. 

The Full Moon in Capricorn will shine a light on the shadow side of the strong, determined, forceful, powerful authority, illuminating oppression, abuse of power and even dictatorship

Abuse of power happens when the heart is disconnected from the mind. Exhibition of power without compassion and love for all of mankind can cause major trauma. However, it is a sign of weakness, to only feel powerful when one can push down and oppress all others for the sake of one's own illusory glory. 

A true leader governs from the heart. 

When authority comes with oppression instead of true leadership, we tend to obey (fear), or rebel (anger). Both are opposites of a polarity, creating conflict

Obedience creates major conflict in ourselves by rejecting our Soul authority, and rebellion creates conflict with the authorities in the outside world. Both are not an option anymore. We need to look for another way.

How do we find balance in this polarised world, spinning out of control? 

We need to honor the softness within, have compassion, with ourselves and others. In addition, we have to install and uphold firm boundaries, to protect the delicate beauty of the heart inside. Like a ribcage, a crab's shell. And failure is not an option, we need to persevere, stay strong and determined to create a better world. Lock arms. Uplift each other.

You are not a drop in the ocean.
You are the entire ocean in a drop.
— Rumi

While the Sun is in Cancer (until July 20th) the balance between softness and firmness will be challenged, especially at the beginning of the new Moon cycle on 13th (New Moon in Cancer). 

Whether it is stirring up old wounds, or creating new ones, the way to heal is through releasing it. Whenever your emotions are heightened during this Full Moon, cry it out. Cry a river that leads to the sea. Every individual drop of salt water is a tiny, seemingly insignificant one, but together the oceans are vast bodies of water. 

We may feel insignificant and small, but together we are rising.