Full Moon in Aries - September 24th/25th 2018

**PTSD trigger warning applicable for this Moon Report: train accident**

On Tuesday, September 25th, 4:52 am CEST, the Moon will be full in Aries (10:52 pm EST on September 24th).

Summer has come to an end, and Fall will be here starting this weekend. The Autumn Equinox (equal night) here in the Northern Hemisphere brings a moment of balance between the light and the dark before we are going into the next six months until the light returns at the Spring Equinox. In the Southern Hemisphere, this weekend will mark the transition to Spring and Summer to look forward to.

As we start this period in the year, the Sun transitioned into Libra, the scales, the sign of balance, relationships and decision making. On the Full Moon, the Moon in Aries (action taking, impulsiveness, forward motion) is opposite the Sun, creating two polarizing energies, like the light and the dark on the day of the Equinoxes.

The Sun and Moon, the light and dark, the inner and outer worlds oppose each other and in that eternal dance of natural forces, balance is created.

As I sat down to write this Moon Report today, a few days in advance of the Full Moon, I am struggling to put down my thoughts. I was going to write about how Fall reminds us of the things to let go and how death and decaying leaves are necessary to create growth the following spring. 

However, these words don’t seem right for me now, as I am still processing the news of a tragic accident on Thursday morning. 

A gruesome crash in which four young children, two of which are from the same family, were killed by a train when the cart they were sitting in wasn't able to hit the brakes in time before the train crossing, leaving one other child (from the before mentioned family) and the driver severely injured. This all happened when they were being transported from daycare to school. I live in a safe country, and news like this hits home.

This accident left so many people traumatized and there seems to be no meaning in such things. I believe this accident hit so hard all over the country because so many parents can imagine rushing their kids to daycare in the morning, trying to get to work as soon as possible, their minds full with tasks and to-do lists, trusting to pick up their kids after a busy day. 

And then, all of a sudden, they had to live with the fact that this bedtime kiss on their forehead the night before, and the hasty goodbye when they send their kids off to play, had been the last. 

I could write about why letting go is important for balance. And for making space. And I have done so before. But today, I can’t. Because the grief of having to let go can be deep and gut-wrenching. 

Why do things like this happen? 

Why is there pain and suffering? 


The 'why' leaves nothing but an echo... There is no sensible answer. 

The only thing that I know is that we are Souls having a human experience and pain and suffering are part of that experience.

Being human means that we will go through polarized states. Love and hate, peace and conflict, victory and loss, happiness and deep grief. One thing can not exist without the other.

However, the sad things can hit us really hard. There is so much suffering on the planet. We have seen the destruction of the recent hurricanes in the US and Asia, people losing everything, even their lives. We witness the ongoing destruction of the planet. Major conflicts and violence all over the world leading to the biggest refugee crisis in history. Disease. The list is endless. 

That is why I want to say those in a very dark place in their life that I totally get it that it’s difficult when you can’t see the light enter because the pit is so deep that you aren’t able to imagine your way out. Because I have been there too. And you and I are not the only one. 

We are never alone in this.

We are together, as Souls, in this human experience. That’s what unites us. 

Let’s hold hands and find each other when there is darkness.

To see whether we can find some more consolation, let’s focus on what Libra teaches us. Libra is judgment. Not in a judgmental way though.

Libra is that flash of lightning awareness, the shocking realization what really matters to us most. The pivotal moment in which we instantly know what we value. And what we fight for. What means the world to us. 

In times of great despair, grief, sadness, or loss, we discover our deepest truth. Our core values, our big why. There is clarity in the dark. From there we can make decisions that are aligned with our core. 

That is what tragedy does. It wakes you up. It is only the dark through which we can see the light. The other side of grief is love.

What makes night within us, may leave stars.
— Victor Hugo

Grief can swipe you away in giant waves, when you least expect it.

We all know loss, I know it too.

I have been in the dark trenches before, and from that experience, I know in my heart that I value freedom and spending time with my family the most.

This morning, when I was preparing for my daughters' school lunches, I cried. I cried for the parents of the children that lost their lives yesterday morning on the way to school. 
I cried because I could feel the pain of the illusion I once was living. That the lifestyle that came with working hard in the ‘system’ meant that I had to put my faith in others to take care of my children. Which they did in a great way, but I missed out on so many moments in my children's lives. However, I am still able to hug them, kiss them to sleep, and have conversations with them on the way to school. 
I cried because after all that I have lost, I feel so blessed. 

My darkest times showed me what is truly important to me. The unbearable loss that happened yesterday, made it clear to me once more. 

I know this was a tough read today and I’m grateful if you made it to the end of this Moon Report. One of my core values is to be authentic, and today, this is what it looks like.

When we look at the transition to Autumn and the Full Moon in Aries, the main message comes down to honoring your relationships and becoming aware of what drives you.

This Full Moon in Aries will illuminate what you are willing to fight for. Make note of it and see where you can make decisions that honor your core values. Act on them.

You will only regret the things you didn’t do.

With all my heart,