Full Moon in Aquarius - July 27th 2018

This Friday, July 27th, 2018 at 10:20 pm CEST (4:20 pm EDT, check your time zone for the exact time) we will have a special Full Moon

There will be a total Lunar Eclipse, visible in the skies over Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. The 103 minutes of totality make this the longest lunar eclipse since 2000!

The Moon will appear blood red in the sky, due to the frequency of the light of the sun skimming the Earth’s surface, that’s why it is called a Blood Moon. If you are able to watch it, go out and try! I’m keeping my fingers crossed, the weather predictions are saying that it might be overcast, so I’m hoping for a clear evening sky to watch the Lunar Eclipse just after Moonrise.

We have just entered Leo Season (the Sun moved into Leo until the end of August) and that makes this Full Moon a Leo – Aquarius opposition (Moon in Aquarius). 

Leo is the sign of fire, individuality, creative expression, joy, finding your voice, and confidence. Leo is the King of the zodiac, watchful and at ease. Imagine this mighty animal, resting on a rock, during the height of summer, his manes looking like Sun rays around his powerful jaws, his eyes piercing the hot, vibrating air in the distance, looking for prey, but not spending his energy lightly… 

Aquarius, an air sign (not a water sign!), is all about the collective, making your life count as a contribution to mankind and all of life, innovation, new ideas. 

Leo Season is marking the top of Summer, the season of growth and fruition. If you look at nature, it’s hot, dry, quiet. Most animals are only hunting or foraging for food in the early hours of the morning or in the evening. The bright light of the sun and the long days make the crops grow and ripen. The farmers tend to their crops, watering the land if necessary, and waiting to see the result of the hard work of plowing and sowing in spring. 

Remember this, as you move through the Summer season. Take a break, rest, save your energy, and prepare for the harvest. This is naturally a time of slowing down, taking it easy, summer holiday, days at the beach or the lake cabin. Don’t rush it, don’t push it. If you are trying to push now, your energy will be wasted. Honor your work and launch your project, business, or plans a little later, or you will risk crickets… 

*tsrrriiip, tsrrrriiip, tssriiiiip*

For us, this is an unusually hot and dry summer. This morning, I saw tank wagons filled with water pouring water into dried out ditches to make sure the waterways stay open and don’t collapse. I have never seen such a dry season before. We haven’t had any rain for weeks, while normally, June and July are very wet and rainy months. I’m amazed about the trees and how they cope, the grass is yellow like the lion’s manes… but the trees are still green and strong. Their roots must go deep into the soil to reach the water that resides there always. 

We have started a vegetable garden on July 1st(way too late but we had to wait for the plot to become available). We dug and planted pumpkin, zucchini, cabbage, leeks, dill, beans, and tomato. I thought it would be too dry, but careful watering and tending to the small plants to keep their tiny roots wet paid off in a massive way! The garden exploded into a sea of green! We can now rest and wait until the vegetables grow and ripen. 

The Leo – Aquarius opposition this Full Moon creates tension between your individual creative expression and the collective. The turning inward and emotional processing and nurturing of ideas last month had to happen to prepare you to raise your voice and express your Light. This is what Leo asks us to do, to be confident in who we are and what we want to do in this life. To fulfill your purpose in a joyful way!

However, the collective (society, your circles) can make us or break us. Take a closer look at your community. Are they like-minded people or are they criticizing your work and ideas? 

Society has very strong ways to keep people small and insignificant. There is a thin line between being an innovative pioneer, and to be scrutinized or ostracized for it. Don’t let your Light be dimmed!

To be unique, you have to stand out, and this can be scary and lonely. That is why a supportive community is vital. Within a supportive circle of friends, co-workers, like-minded souls it is much more fun and easy to be YOU. Create that circle for yourself. If you don’t have it, move on, look actively for it. You don’t have to put up with criticism and comments that keep you from stepping into your power. You don’t have to stay in places you are kept small.

There are people like you out there. Find your circle to shine your Light! That is the message of this Full Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius.  

If you can't shine your Light, change the room.

The collective can be very strong in other ways as well. We know from past experiences that it isn’t necessary to create a majority in a group to change the group ideology. If you feel like what you are watching on the news is making you feel scared of the future, it’s probably trying to keep you small and take away your power. I would recommend turning it off and turn in the direction of the things that fuel your confidence and power. 

It will take much less to get to a tipping point for positive social change. Scientists have found that when just 10% of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society. This is sometimes called 'critical mass'.

Let that sink in. If you have a community around you, that supports you in your purposeful work, you can develop your ‘unshakable belief’. And when you are unshakable, you will create a

ripple effect on others in a positive way by leading as an example

Positive beliefs will change the world faster than any fear-based regime ever will because the fundamental core of fear-mongering tactics is that it undermines stability. It takes way more effort (and money!) to manipulate and control people when the message is based on fear and separation. Positive beliefs like equality take time, but they will reach their critical mass sooner if we are unshakable.

Be unshakable.

We can save the planet. We can overcome poverty and hunger. We can all have clean water, and access to power and electricity. We can switch to sustainable energy completely. We can heal. We can end conflicts. We can change to unity thinking, and a higher collective consciousness. We can do it all, by just holding the unshakable belief that it’s possible.

Confidence and compassion rule over control and oppression. Move from fear to love and move mountains. It is never too late to let Light rule. 

This Eclipse season is building up to something greater than ourselves. It’s the Aquarian age, the new paradigm is already here. It is up to us to create it in love instead of fear, connection instead of separation. 

Shine your Light, lift each other up, together we evolve into something mighty. 

Happy Lunar Eclipse!