Full Moon in Leo - January 20th/21st 2019

We are currently between the first two Eclipses of the year and it is tangible! The uncertainty can’t be escaped, and change is in the air but we have no clue which way to go. There is turmoil and stagnation in many parts of the world. I mean, “to Brexit, or not to Brexit”, and the US government shutdown are good examples of the stagnant but stormy energy we are now in. It’s all about deals and compromises.

If only a world-wide consciousness could arise that all division and fission are due to the splitting of opposites in the psyche,
then we should know where to begin.
— C.G. Jung

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Jan 5/6th opened the Eclipse portal. At that moment, many planets were in Capricorn (The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto), which made the persevering, achieving Capricorn energy even stronger. Strength could be felt in how we acted in our daily life and felt about ourselves (Sun), in our emotional life (Moon), in how we communicated (Mercury), how we view external authority and power (Saturn), and how we believe transformations happen (Pluto).

Those down-to-earth convictions are about to change. Is everything really that simple…?

The Sun is now on the verge of shifting into Aquarius, the airy sign of the water bearer. Aquarius enlarges everything and shifts perspective from your personal life to the collective

On Monday, January 21, the Sun will enter Aquarius and the Full Moon will be in Leo at 6:16 CEST (Sunday, 12:16 pm EST/9:16 pm PST), bringing us the second Eclipse of the year. This time around it is a total Lunar Eclipse, visible in North and South America, parts of Western Europe and North Africa, and it will also be a Supermoon (when the Moon is closest to the Earth). 

During this Eclipse a shadow will be cast upon our emotional world. Don’t take this as: “You will feel bad.” That is not what a shadow does. A shadow on the Moon enables us to see what is normally hidden, but now visible in the lime light. A time to zoom in, and the Supermoon enables us see up close.

The Moon in Leo will be speaking to us on a very personal level. Leo, the King, the individual authority rises up after the strong Capricorn month. The intentions that you have set at the beginning of the month (and the start of 2019) might feel challenging now. Reflect on what works for you and why (or why not). It is possible that you feel pressured or coerced into intentions that are not entirely your own. Be your own King, be your own authority, and adjust your path. 

Aquarius and Leo seem to be contradictory to each other, because of the collective and highly personal meaning respectively. In nature we can see that polarities can always be integrated and alchemized into something beautiful. Maybe if the leaders of the world would bring polarities closer together like this instead of making deals and compromising, it would help. But let’s start with ourselves, shall we? Uncertainty also means opportunity, so let’s be positive to what the future will hold.

Remembering that each one of us has a role and a purpose in the uplifting, feel at what your role is in the collective and act accordingly. We are all a piece of the jigsaw puzzle. 

The answer is not always obvious, look closely to see what is hidden in the lime light. What seemingly irrelevant clues are you getting during this Eclipse? 

Make sure to journal about your dreams and reflections so you don’t miss it. 

Blessed Full Moon!