Full Moon in Gemini - November 22nd/23rd 2018

On Friday, November 23rd, the Moon will be Full at 6:39 am CEST (which will be late Thursday night or just after midnight in the US and Canada. 

The Full Moon will be in the sign of Gemini (the Twins), the sign of communication, chatter, connection, but also the sign of duality, light and dark, and discussion.  

The Sun and Moon are opposing each other during a Full Moon, and thus the Sun is in Sagittarius (the Archer), the sign of freedom, expansion, aiming for goals, impatience, and shooting for the stars.  

This week, you might find yourself in a tsunami of information, online and offline. There is so much going on in the world around us, and we can easily lose track of the guidance we are looking for in this noisy space. Decisiveness calls for clarity first. With the Sun in Sagittarius we try to find answers outside ourselves, and the Moon in Gemini causes discussion between our lower ego-mind and our Higher Self. 

Mercury, the planet of communication, has just gone retrograde on Friday November 16th, which can contribute to chaos. He will stay retrograde for a couple of weeks. Mercury retrogrades are often linked to mistakes and problems in communication, planning, and travel. However, I don’t believe that a planet’s direction alone causes mess-ups. I do believe though, that an overload of information is utterly confusing and takes us away from what we need to hear to take the next right step, causing us to take steps into the wrong direction. When our energy is scattered, we create scattered results.  

Often, when we want something, we plan ahead of how to reach this goal. We make project plans, create timelines and to-do-lists. We do this with our rational, linear thinking-mind, which perceives time as linear. This is actually a very limited way of looking at the world because everything happens in cycles and is not linear.  

On top of that, our rational mind is conditioned to view the world in relation to earlier experiences. This backward loop in time makes it impossible to see all future options and ways of possible solutions to problems.  

Think about it this way: our parents didn’t have computers, and because they didn’t experience the possibilities of technology, they didn’t ever think in options that involve apps on phones, which we now find totally normal. So, if you are dealing with a problem in your life right now, be aware that you can only rationally evaluate this problem from the limited experiences you have had in the past. When you can be open to the possibility of new, yet unknown solutions, you will be more open to noticing them when they show up. 

You can’t plan ahead for new solutions. You can only take the next step that feels aligned with your calling. And then take the next step. And the next. And then, magic happens.  

The risk of Mercury and the Full Moon in Gemini is information overload, endless chatter, chaos and confusion, which makes it very hard for you to pick up the right pieces of information. It is important that you listen closely, and create moments of silence so you can hear the whispers of your inner guidance to take the next right step. 

This is a time of dropping into your Higher Self, to listen and truly hear. Turn off your devices, stop reading endless articles, books, listening to podcasts, or taking the next course. You have all the information you need available to you right now. You are exactly where you need to be. Be still, and listen.  

Look back at your intention for this Moon cycle set two weeks ago at the New Moon.What needs to be surrendered? Where do you need to tune in to your Higher Self, your inner guidance system, your Truth? How can you declutter information and noise? What is it that you need to decide on? What is the first next step you are going to take towards your true desires?  

I have dedicated myself to a daily meditation practice in which I ask my Higher Self what the right next step is, and it gives me so much clarity! I finished courses that were lingering on my desktop, and I started journaling more to capture the nudges that are given to me, often in the form of symbols, dreams, or people I run in to or have conversations with. To me, this is the magic in every day.

Have a great Full Moon!