moon report

New Moon in Aries - April 5th 2019

On Friday, April 5th, at 10:50 am CET (4:50 am EST/1:30 am PST), the Moon will enter the next Moon Cycle. It's a New Moon in Aries coming up and it is the first New Moon of Spring.

Two weeks ago, at the Equinox and Full Moon, we shifted into Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and this coming New Moon is a big opportunity to gain momentum on this energy of emergence. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and it is always eager about new beginnings and can't wait. The impatience and fiery energy of this sign pushes us towards growth and expansion, now. We can't stop it. You can't stop a tree from blossoming either.

Looking around, you can see seedlings sprout, and blossoms and buds are bursting with new life. The spark of inspiration is showing itself everywhere and it's beautiful! 

If you have been on the fence about a new adventure, creating something, or a new exciting project you have been thinking about for some time, now is the time to act on it. Line up with the emerging energy of Spring and use the drive and determination of Aries. However, make sure that you know a bit more about the details, that you have a preliminary plan, and make sure you have enough resources gathered for the coming weeks & months too. The high Aries energy gives you a head start but also burns out quickly. There is a lot of energy and excitement, but it won't last very long. And then, when you are just getting started, you'll need something else to support your endeavour. 

There's something magical to the natural cycle of growth. There is no beginning and no end, really. All the steps need to be taken, one by one. We can't skip a phase. Seed doesn't change into harvest overnight. There is a carefully executed plan underlining everything, in which all steps are equally important. 

The seed needs to be charged before it burst open. The seedling grows along energetically planned out lines which materialize into stems and leaves. They thicken and multiply before there can be flowers. And there is a divine timing where the flower is open for a day and is met by an insect that carries the pollen and fertilizes the flower so it can transform into a fruit. All these steps are important and non can be skipped.

Thinking about the things you would like to create, do you know which steps you have to take? You don't have to know the exact outcome or process yet. In Winter, it's impossible to tell where exactly a barren tree will grow apples in Summer. That's something we won't know until they are forming. It's more about having a picture in mind of what you would like to manifest. Apples? Or melons? Or kale maybe? Having a clear vision about the desired outcome helps you to create a plan. And with a plan, you'll know where and when to plant it. How often it needs watering. And when to harvest. All of these steps bring you closer to the desired outcome. 

Every creation in nature, and every creation in general, grows along these lines. First, you have the vision, then you plan, you execute, and then you harvest the results. You can't skip a step. Without a vision, don't be surprised to end up with something else. Without a plan, you can't execute the correct steps. It's all equally important. 

The phases of the Moon are a beautiful mirror of the natural growth process. The New Moon is the phase of visioning. The Full Moon a time of execution. You can use the phases of the Moon to support your creations in a powerful way, without skipping vital steps. 

This New Moon in Aries is the best time to start something new. It's the season of emergence and creation, of going forward and taking determined action. Don't waste a good New Moon when you get one. 

With love,


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