Cyclical Living is the key to more energy, more success & abundance, and more impact!

Cyclical Living is defined as living with the natural cycles of growth like the seasons, the Moon cycle, and the feminine cycle (menstrual cycle). Herein lies the key to health, energy, happiness, abundance, productivity, and sustainable growth.

In Nature, growth and abundance is created in cycles. Everything in the Universe has a cyclical foundation. From the turning of galaxies, the orbits of the Earth (the seasons), the Moon with its lunar phases, your hormonal cycle, every molecular process inside your cells, to the electrons whirling around in atoms.

All Cyclical.

Everything in life is cyclical. Follow the natural cycles to come back to YOU.

At some point in history, we began to look at life as a linear process, and we forgot how to tune in to the natural cycles, leading to an epidemic of stress, health issues, and body-mind disconnection.

Instead of tuning in to these natural cycles, we are mostly living in a linear way, where success and productivity are valued more than rest and recovery. The burnout epidemic and the depletion of our planet Earth are the consequences of this linear, consuming way of treating our energy resources.

I learned the importance of Cyclical Living the hard way - through severe burnout.

My mission is to help you prevent this, and to help you have more energy, success & impact in your life and work.

Aligning with your cyclical nature will help you manage your energy in a sustainable way and have more impact! 

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Cyclical Living in Life & Business ebook

Download the ebook to get started with Cyclical Living, understand the phases of growth, the inner and outer seasons, and increase your energy and impact.

are you...

… a professional powerful woman, a leader in your field, wanting to make an impact in the world but you feel too exhausted and drained to make it happen

… certain that there is so much more you could give the world if you had the energy for it

… an ambitious high-achiever, but you are not performing to your own standards right now, missing out on opportunities, and not reaching your goals

… tired, exhausted, stressed and this is blocking you from creating

… struggling with your energy or health on a regular basis

… aware that self-care is important but for now it is just ANOTHER thing on your to-do list

… thinking about quitting your job or business, because you want contribute in a greater way and make real changes in the world

… longing for more flow, joy, abundance, and effortlessness in your life and work

… interested in living with the moon phases or the menstrual phases but you have no clue how to implement it

… trying to fit in find the time to meditate or long for a spiritual connection

… longing to live from your heart but your head is racing constantly and criticizing you


Cyclical Living is the answer.


What Clients say...

Our conversations helped me to see the patterns that were holding me back. I feel like I have come out of hibernation.
— F.B. - The Netherlands
Your course and gentle care were so amazing for me during the immediate days after my operation, it truly carried me through.
— M.W. - United Kingdom