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cyclical living in life and business ebook

To help you understand Cyclical Living as a way of life, I created an e-book for you.

This will help you understand the 4 phases of growth in everything so you can have more energy, health, success, and abundance in your life & business!

Learn more about the phases of the moon, the seasons, your body, and project management to see how everything interconnects and relates to your business.

Why Cyclical Living?

When you are putting a lot of time and energy into your work, you want to see results.

We all know how important energy and health is for our personal life, and to succeed in our career, whether it’s a business or a day job. However, it’s a challenge to stay on top of your energy in this modern world full of expectations and distractions.

There is always so much more to do and too few hours in a day, it seems… How can you possibly make a bigger impact and be successful in what you do? How can you prevent yourself from burning out? How come that some people take weeks off without blinking or losing their business? And why do you feel extremely guilty and unproductive when you take a break?

What if I told you that we have been told a lie about productivity and success?

From childhood, we have been told that productivity, success, results, and growth can only be reached by working really hard, being busy all the time, and crossing tasks of your to do list continuously. And that taking breaks, resting, or staring out of the window are making you lazy, unproductive, and that you will never EVER make it.

This is not true. At all.

When you look at nature, you’ll see growth and abundance everywhere.

You and I are of nature, not above nature.

When you tap into the wisdom and rhythms of the natural cycles, you will have access to a powerful tool that helps you succeed in every project and situation. You will know how to create growth and abundance like nature, and you will be able to embody the power of CYCLICAL LIVING.

Cyclical Living helped me change careers from a toxic job as a medical doctor into a soul-based business, and it helped me recover from severe physician burnout. It helped thousands of women around the world reclaim their energy & health, and grow their businesses.

Cyclical Living will help you create the impact that you are longing for.

Because I know you are here to change the world.

cyclical living in life and business ebook

FREE E-book on Cyclical Living in Life & Business


I am Elemental Life

I am Willemijn Maas, founder of Elemental Life.

After a successful career in healthcare as a Medical Doctor and Operational Manager, my life took a turn in the form of severe burnout and chronic pain, inviting me to change my life in a profound way. With the help of Cyclical Living and honouring my true nature I began to understand the patterns that caused my health to decline. I recovered from burnout and create a successful sustainable business with the same principles in mind. 

I help ambitious, inspired women with their personal energy management so they can live their life in balance, health, and abundance and create the impact they want to see in the world.

With love,

Willemijn Maas, MD & Vitality Coach for Ambitious Women

Willemijn Maas, MD & Vitality Coach for Ambitious Women