Cyclical Living is the key to more energy, better health, more abundance, more impact!

Cyclical Living is defined as living with the natural cycles like the seasons, the Moon cycle, and the feminine cycle (menstrual cycle). Herein lies the key to health, energy, happiness, abundance, productivity, and sustainable growth.

In Nature, growth and abundance is created in cycles. Examples are DNA replication, our hormonal cycles, the annual growth cycle of plants, the orbit of the Moon, and even the movement of the planets and starts in the Universe...

All Cyclical.

At some point in history, we began to look at life as a linear process, and we forgot how to tune in to the natural cycles, leading to an epidemic of stress, burnout, health issues, and body-mind disconnection.

I learned the importance of Cyclical Living the hard way - through severe burnout.

My mission is to help you prevent this, and to help you to reconnect with your Nature. 

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Are you...

... ambitious, high-performing, but stress is taking its toll on your body, mind and Soul?

... certain that there is so much more you could give the world if you had the energy for it?

... feeling tired, anxious, exhausted, stressed out, unable to cope?

... struggling with your energy or health on a regular basis?

... trying to combine your ambition, job or business, and motherhood and you feel like you are failing on every level?

... missing out on joy and abundance?

... afraid your relationship will not survive the stress you are experiencing? 

... in need of more sick days than allowed? 

... not achieving your goals?

... nowhere near the mom you would like to be for your children?

... thinking about quiting your job, or business, because you can't take it anymore?

... doing yoga and meditation but it's only making it worse? 

... desperately trying every spiritual trick out there to find peace?

... diagnosed with burnout or other fatigue syndromes?

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What Clients say...

Our conversations helped me to see the patterns that were holding me back. I feel like I have come out of hibernation.
— F.B. - The Netherlands
Your course and gentle care were so amazing for me during the immediate days after my operation, it truly carried me through.
— M.W. - United Kingdom