Upcycle Your Energy

16-week course to learn and implement Feminine Energy Management Strategies

upcycle your energy - feminine energy management strategies - burnout stress recovery
  • use the magical high energy of the summer season to recharge, recoup & recover

  • leave the survival mode and the struggle behind, move away from toxic masculine conditioning around success and competition, freeing you from overachieving, over-giving and burnout

  • learn practical tools to restore your nervous system, and reinvigorate your cells and tissues

  • get to know your body and listen to it intimately so you can use it as your guide effectively

  • create success and abundance by knowing the difference between your masculine energy and your feminine energy

  • feel alive, abundant, and vibrant again

  • remove the blocks that hold you back from the infinite stream of energy so that you can receive it at any given moment (this applies to ALL areas of life - ENERGY, ABUNDANCE & MONEY)

This course starts June 24th, enrolment is now open for a short period of time!

The Lunar Project

Align your projects with the Lunar Cycle for repeatable & tangible results!

This 4 week course helps you with project management skills in sync with the 8 phases of the Moon.

The Lunar Project.png

Cyclical living course

Cyclical Living is a new way of living and working, managing and honoring your vital energy in alignment with the natural cycles. 

cyclical living course sustainable energy moon cycle seasons menstrual feminine

Instead of pushing and striving in a linear way to force success and results, Cyclical Living enables you to go with the flow, create success and abundance with ease and grace.

Cyclical living creates space, it enhances your energy levels, health, success, abundance, and relationships. You will be able to create the life you want, be more productive, and experience less stress, fatigue and exhaustion.

The Cyclical Living course is a structured group coaching program for ambitious, professional women, running for 6 weeks, with weekly content, webinars and access to a closed FB group to connect to the other participants. 


WinterLight is a FREE 9-day program that helps you to transform restrictive resolutions into restorative and relaxing practices to create real results. This program runs every year just before the first New Moon in January.

winterling course restorative practices resolutions
Your course and gentle care were so amazing for me, it truly carried me through.
— M.W. - United Kingdom