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Coaching leads to profound transformation because a coach will help you see deeply ingrained patterns that you are not aware of and gives you support when you need it most. Focusing on your deepest desires, we will uncover the patterns, limiting beliefs and habits that hold you back from achieving your goals. Understanding the roots of these blockages will help you transform them and enable you to create the life you so deeply desire and deserve.  

Together, we will look at your personal (health) situation and create sustainable energy management strategies that will work for you so you can life your best life, find a job you love, create a business, or reach your personal goals, on your terms.

Areas of coaching

  • transformation through the process of healing from burnout, exhaustion, low energy, chronic fatigue or illness

  • creating a new positive impactful business in a sustainable way after burnout

  • moving from the masculine paradigm of overachieving, competition, and action into the feminine way of living through connection, intuition, and creative flow

  • how to apply cyclical living in your life so you can have more energy, success, and abundance

I coach high-performing, ambitious women who are motivated to change and grow, and can be held responsible and accountable for the steps they want to take because I know that - with the right support - they can move mountains and reach for the stars !

Coaching sessions are in English or Dutch, online through Zoom.

Coaching options

coaching vitality burnout adrenal fatigue chronic illness

vitality coaching

Get your energy back, connect to joy, success and abundance and create a life you love. Personalised online coaching programs for ambitious women who want to be supported through the transformation from exhaustion and over giving to feeling energised and fulfilled so they can make the impact they want to have in the world.

Discover the options and book your call today.

career coaching female entrepreneur

career coaching

Find your new dream job in 9 steps! Proven online coaching program that combines validated tools for personal development with personalised career coaching. Also applicable when transitioning from corporate to entrepreneur.

Let me show you the proven 9-step Happy at Work method behind the scenes and book your free call today.

master your energy coaching session burnout adrenal fatigue chronic illness

Master your Energy coaching session

90-minute online coaching session to get clarity on your personal energy and what you need to stop doing and what you would like to have more of. You’ll walk away from this session with your personalised action plan for more energy and vitality.

What clients say

Coaching with Willemijn brought me awareness of the path I wanted to go. Her profound understanding of going through a breakdown helped me understand my own situation. She created a space where I felt safe to look into deeper patterns and she guided me through that process with warmth, compassion and her expertise.
— F. van H. - The Netherlands
Our conversations helped me to see the patterns that were holding me back. I feel like I have come out of hibernation.
— F.B. - The Netherlands


Chronic illness is no limiting factor for coaching. Stress related physical or mental conditions like burnout, unexplained physical symptoms, hormonal or immune imbalances are common problems that require balance and de-stressing the body and mind.

Some acute physical or mental disorders can be a limiting factor for online coaching, feel free to inquire and receive feedback on the possibilities.

Coaching is never a substitute for medical treatment. Please seek proper medical care with your local health care provider first for diagnosis and treatment.

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