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New Moon in Libra - 19th October 2017

The next New Moon will be in Libra on October 19th at 21:12 pm CEST. New Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are aligned and we don't see the Moon because there is no sunlight reflected towards the Earth. Therefore, at New Moon, the Sun is always in the same sign (in this case: Libra). New Moon is the phase where we have to look within, at the shadows. We can do this by immersing ourselves in silence and contemplation. It's dark and we can feel it.

Libra is all about relationships and balance. We need constructive connections in order to feel supported and loved. The reality is that we often settle for less than constructive relationships. The Libra New Moon invites you to take a closer look at the relationships that you're in. Are they nourishing you, giving you energy and support? Are you a nice person to be around in that particular relationship, or is your energy being sucked out, leaving you short-tempered and acting out? Is it serving everyone involved? Libra can help you make conscious decisions about unbalanced relationships. What are you going to do to bring back the balance?

The sign of Libra is depicted as a scale in the hands of a blindfolded female judge and is therefore associated with justice and fairness. When we look at our outside world, the news, events happening on a local and/or global scale, we can easily see the injustice done. Often it consumes us entirely and we may feel powerless and helpless by it the scale of the destruction. 

When you feel overwhelmed by the news, take a break from it. Although nowadays we have access to information from all over the globe, it's impossible to control everything that happens on the planet. The only thing we have power over is our own inner world and Libra invites us to take a closer look at our personal inner/outer balance

When we bring balance to our inner world, we will be more able to create things and make decisions from this place of inner peace. Our inner world will be reflected outwards and it will shape our reality.

You can compare it to this example of how inner and outer worlds are connected: 

When you are stressed, chaotic, unstructured, overwhelmed inside, there is a fairly good chance that your living room is also messy (and the other way around). By cleaning up your personal space, you will create a feeling of peace and order within yourself. This inner feeling of peace will influence how you show up in the world, the conversations you have, the people you will attract, the actions you will take. 

The world is your living room.

That is why it is so important to look within, fight your inner demons and bring a state of balance into your being. If we don't do this first, our messy inner world will project itself outward, contributing to the conflict, manipulation, neediness, greed, anger, destruction and so on we see around us. 

Although starting with the focus on yourself seems selfish, it really isn't. How can we do something about the state of the world when we are unbalanced, stressed, messy inside ourselves? It is important to honor your inner space and bring peace into it. Then we can shift our focus to the outside world and start cleaning up the mess we created collectively. 

So, again, start small, in your own life. You can set intentions around cleaning up and finding balance this New Moon. 

Clean up your house. Set boundaries, evaluate relationships. Finish projects, check the boxes. Love more, hug more. Find the balance in your life, do yoga, meditate, reduce stress. Turn off the news. I'm serious, turn it off. This will help you to feel less stressed, less helpless, less consumed with things you can't control. You will be able to focus more on your inner world and it will bring awareness to the things in your own life that need your attention, the things you can do to make a difference (like supporting good causes like TreeSisters). 

Doing small things will help you gain some traction. Remember that the ocean is made up of many individual drops. Start small and see where it gets you!

Go help someone in your neighborhood who can use it. Clean up your local park. Recycle plastic. Even better: don't use it at all. Use green energy sources whenever possible. Take the bicycle or public transport instead of your car. Buy a plane ticket with CO2 compensation. Donate (this can be a small amount) to causes that have your heart. There are many great causes that you can contribute to from your easy chair. It's a great way to start contributing while you are cleaning up your inner world.  

Please join me for the TreeSisters One Billion Trees Sacred Healing project. This project will be launched on October 19th with the Call to Dream Ceremony.

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