New Moon in Aquarius - 15th February 2018

Did you notice that February has no Full Moon this year? Due to the double Full Moons (a.k.a. Blue Moons) in January and March, February is left without any... When a month goes by without a Full Moon, the New Moon is called Black Moon. 

This might sound dark and gloomy but it isn't! It's creating opportunities for powerful new beginnings instead.

This month, the Black Moon will fall on February 15th, 10:05 pm CEST, and it will coincide with a partial Solar Eclipse, which is, astronomically, nothing more than a New Moon with the Moon aligned partly in front of the Sun. 

Energy-wise, it intensifies the dark aspect of the New Moon and it marks the start of two new cycles at the same time: the Moon cycle for the following 4 weeks, and the Eclipse cycle for the coming 6 months. 

This New Moon is taking place in Aquarius, an air sign (not a water sign as the name suggests). Aquarius is about thinking energy, communication, new ideas, and technology. Aquarius also is the odd one out, the dreamer, the visionary. When the Moon is in this sign, our emotions and inner worlds are closely connected to the Aquarian themes. 

Due to the air energy (mind), we may feel disconnected to our own inner emotional worlds. This can translate as feeling detached, flat, unaffected, unmotivated and without passion even. 

You can use this detachment to your benefit when you have experienced difficulties with letting go of certain things. Feeling detached will help you to see where you are holding on to the things that aren't serving you anymore and to shift into a new way of being. 

You will be able to truly reinvent yourself with the help of Aquarius!

However, when detachment happens in relationships, it can be difficult to stay connected to the other person. It's more difficult to understand each other when we are less able to connect to someone else's feelings. This may cause conflict, but when we are aware of it, we can choose differently. Putting away your phone and other distracting screens can help tremendously with keeping in touch with your partner, children or other family members. Create space for conscious connection and schedule some time to talk about themes and ideas that are important to you. Communicate in an open and truthful way. Although the connection might be on an intellectual level only, this is perfectly fine. Perhaps this is the way to create interesting new plans and launch projects together! Socializing with larger groups is also a great way of feeling connected. 

Aquarius is the sign of revolutionary ideas and progression. Be prepared for a flash of lightning, an 'AHA'-moment, or an epiphany. This could be the sign you have been waiting for, the message that never seemed to arrive. Journal about your ideas, because there are some gems of insight coming your way, some of them might be pivotal in making changes to your life. The theme here will most likely be around how you can serve the collective as an individual. 

You may want to keep your discoveries to yourself for a bit, to avoid judgment and criticism from people about your 'strange' or 'odd' ideas. It takes a few more days to shift the energy away from Aquarius into Pisces, helping others to relate more to your dreams and visions.

Find your tribe of like-minded people or create your own. It's easy to feel isolated and alone in this world, with its never-ending turmoil and relentless conflict. But there are many people who are just like you, and they are showing up with many now. Be open, and you will find them. 

My Soul returning

There is something I want to share with you, a beautiful but strange experience I have had.

In September 2016, I had to have emergency surgery. Although I am a doctor myself and knew what was going to happen, I was naturally upset and stressed. I was absolutely sure I didn't want to receive any opioids (morphine-like substances) so I told about everyone who came near to me prior to the procedure. While I was induced the anesthesiologist said: "We will see what we are going to do about the opioids. I wasn't able to talk anymore and protest, and the last thing I remember was her saying that I went into cardiac arrhythmia.

When I woke up I was sedated with opioids. I felt very violated. The rest of that night I suffered from severe tachycardia (speeding heart) until the early morning hours.

After surgery, I wasn't recovering. I felt completely exhausted, and severe burnout was diagnosed. I was so tired, I couldn't walk, talk or sometimes even breathe. At one moment I felt so lifeless, I thought that I might be dying. The thought somehow didn't scare me, and that realization scared me the most. I was literally left without any life energy in my body.

In the weeks after I suffered from tachycardia a few times, every time it started while I was resting. I was taken to the hospital and they couldn't find the cause, other than probably stress. The cardiologist and I figured it was probably a common stress-induced re-entry tachycardia. Nothing too worrying. At least, I felt at ease with it.

Fast forward to a few weeks later. I was slowly recovering and felt a bit more energized. One night I was in my bed and my heart began racing again. I decided not to fight it or focus on my breathing. Instead, I focussed on my heartbeat, racing at 160 bpm. Suddenly I felt very sad and anxious. When I focussed on those emotions, I suddenly sensed something in the room. It was at my right side, near the window. I couldn't really understand what it was at first but after a while, I started sensing that it was related to me somehow. I asked it to come closer and then I suddenly realized it was my Soul... I don't know how, I just knew, with absolute certainty. I was crying and telling Her that it was safe now. That the threats were over, that my body was safe now. And right after that, I felt a shift, my Soul entered my body in my heart space. It was a violent motion but without pain and immediately after my heart stopped racing and a very calm and peaceful feeling came over me. I held my heart for a bit and drifted away into a deep dreamless sleep.

I am still speechless about what happened and have no clue. I don't even have the right words to search for similar experiences on the internet. To me, it was like my Soul entering my body after a few weeks of absence. I think She left me right before surgery, feeling very threatened as my body was abused, cut, taken over by medication and pain. Since Her return, I didn't experience any more arrhythmia episodes. I feel my energy coming back and my compass isn't spinning anymore.

I never thought this would be possible. I have read about dissociative disorders/phenomena and I'm familiar with gentle dissociation myself as a coping mechanism. But this was different. It reminded me of Outer Body Experiences (OBE) but then consciousness travels away, to a place somewhere outside the body. In my case, I (my consciousness awareness) was still in my body but instead, my Soul had left...

I'm really glad She is back to guide me. She is my connection to the Universe, to the Energy of Life. I can't live without Her. I nearly died while She was away.

Do you have similar experiences? Please share in my closed FB group! I'd like to hear about it.