Full Moon in Pisces - 6th September 2017

We are now past the Eclipses in Leo. Did anything come up for you? Any big changes in your life?

On September 6th we will have the next Full Moon. This one is in the watery sign of Pisces. A Full Moon is known for increased emotions and dreams, and the Pisces energy enhances them even more. Sensitivity can lead to a clouded mind. It's important to be aware of this veil of emotion to discern truth from illusion

The truth will come to the surface if you let false beliefs, identities, and illusions fall away. Be aware of your intuition when you are offered something, in word, behavior or in writing... we can be easily deceived! We should be extra cautious regarding news outlets, unrealistically positive offers to buy into, fake friendships or inauthentic expressions of love and affection. 

Intuitive and psychic abilities like clairvoyance (inner sight), claircognizance (inner knowing) or clairsentience (inner sensing) will be more easily accessible during this Full Moon, dreams are usually vivid, sometimes even disturbing the sleep, and can bring great clarity or important messages. This is a great opportunity to turn inwards, be quiet and listen to what your Soul, your Higher Self has to say and receive guidance to make necessary choices. Don't let your emotions rise too high and drown you. It is important to keep your head above the water and take the necessary steps to move away from illusion. 

To navigate this Full Moon and to be able to discern, we need some quiet time. Meditate, take some time to sit and be still, go on a nature walk alone, take a salt bath or hot shower to merge yourself with the water. Where you can use water as a conduit, a transformative body, you won't drown. Pay attention to what presents itself to you. 

A great way to process feelings can be a walk at a beach or lakeside, infuse some pebbles or shells with whatever emotion comes up for you and let it wash away by the waves or let them drop and sink to the bottom.