New Moon in Virgo - 20th September 2017

We are now approaching the New Moon in Virgo on September 20th at 7:30 am CEST. After the fiery Leo Eclipse season, during which everything we thought we knew about ourselves was churned and energies were intense, it's time to settle down. Mabon (the Autumn Equinox) is also near. This year it falls on the 22nd of September, which is close to the New Moon. At Mabon, day and night are equally long. It's a time of balance, and we give thanks to the land. 

Virgo is an earth sign, steady and balanced. She is connected to her emotions and nature, is gentle and loves routine and order. She is all about doing the work that needs to be done, harvesting and preparing for winter, and in doing so she is precise and meticulous. Virgo works towards perfection. 

The first 6 months of the Zodiac are almost over, which means that for this year we are in the final phase of the inner journey. During the Eclipses in Leo we discovered our true selves, what gives us joy and fulfillment, we now know who we are, what we desire. 

During the Virgo month of the year, we give thanks to the land for providing us with food and sustaining life. The harvest of the summer crops is almost over, and there is a lot of work to do for the farmers. The crops need to be harvested, the land plowed, to make it ready for next year's spring. When the land isn't worked, old remnants of this year will stay behind, making it much harder for the seeds to sprout in springtime. 

Now is the time to finish up this inner work, to transform yourself and make decisions after everything you learned about yourself. Virgo doesn't like falsehoods or fake attitudes. She calls upon you to be true to yourself and truly transform. The time is now. We have become aware of who we are, what we desire, during the past months. And now we have to do the final work, reaping what we have sown earlier in the year, removing remnants of old beliefs, thoughts and emotions, that we don't want in our lives anymore next year. Say goodbye to those, plow them under the surface and let Mother Earth transform them into fertile soil to create new energy sources for next year. 

This can be done by writing them down on a piece of paper, and burning it, or burying it in the ground to make it even more similar to the natural process of breaking down old material. Make sure you use biodegradable paper for this small ritual. Before you do this, light a candle and meditate for a few minutes to feel into what you want/need to let go of. 

Do your ritual to bury or burn the old in gratitude. In one way or the other, the old has served you as well. Then, make space for new things to come in. Maybe you already know what you want to invite into your life for the next month, set your intentions by saying them out loud or in your mind. The New Moon energy lasts 3 days, there is no need to do it on the exact day of the New Moon, you can always do your ritual the day before or the day after, or even on Mabon itself. You can create a harvest altar with rose hipsor corn, or some autumn flowers you can still find outside, and invite your family to a lovely diner with a bowl of pumpkin soup or risotto. 

You can turn a simple meal into a small harvest celebration and talk about the last 6 months and what you have done, what worked for you and what you discovered about yourself that you want to let go of. We aren't used to connecting in this way anymore, but it is truly powerful to share your experiences with people you love and have a meaningful conversation. Make sure to disconnect from technology to really connect with each other.