New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse in Leo

We are now approaching the New Moon and total Solar Eclipse in Leo on 21st of August. This is the second New Moon in Leo. The first one was on the 23rd of July, preparing us for this second one, bringing major change. You can read about the energies of the first one here.

A New Moon shows us Her dark side. Emotions and thoughts tend to be heavier during this phase of the moon cycle, and this one can weigh on us even more because the Sun will also dim its light during the Eclipse. The Eclipse will be visible all over the United States and in Europe, it will be visible just before and during sunset in the UK, and the Western part of the European mainland, from Denmark to Portugal.

We are confronted with darkness on a daily basis, it's a chaotic polarized world where many people are afraid, angry, fleeing, fighting or stuck. There are warnings and threats all over the place. We are also told that the Solar Eclipse has something to do with it all, and it sounds pretty disastrous that way. A Solar Eclipse is, however, not a sign of impending doom, but a doorway.  

This Solar Eclipse brings a chance to see things for what they really are. While the Sun itself is blocked, the Sun's rays will still be visible like an aura. This aura radiates that what is usually not seen because of the blinding bright Sun. The more subtle, unseen power of it can be witnessed during the Eclipse. The Dark Moon in Leo will cover the Sun, illuminating the shadows, the truth within us and humanity. The Leo Sun & Moon will show you where you can find the Light.

The transformational power of Eclipses can be felt months before and after the actual occurrence. Maybe you want to make a change and it will happen in the coming months. You may have been experiencing huge changes in your life lately, some consciously made, others happening all of a sudden, maybe even without a warning. Usually, that is the case when we aren't paying attention to the signals. Change is always happening, life is cyclic and there will always be growth, loss, rebirth, decay. That's how the seasons turn, and that's how life on Earth is structured. When we think we are in control, or can't be touched by change, it will come as a surprise, overwhelming us. 

I have been experiencing exactly that around the Solar Eclipse of April 2014. I was so caught up in a new position at work and trying my best to do it right, achieve progress and managing the needs of my children, that I was completely unaware of the signals that there were two stories of betrayal unfolding behind the veil. 

The only thing that should have warned me was a dream, on the day of the Eclipse in April 2014.

In that dream, I was looking in the distance over a calm, peaceful sea. Suddenly, there was a flash of very bright light that blinded me. When I opened my eyes, the first thing that I saw was a huge mushroom cloud in the distance. I woke up anxious because I knew I had witnessed a hydrogen bomb explosion.

I always thought that by working hard and being open-minded, emphatic and friendly towards other people, I had created a safe, comfortable, suburban, secure life. In reality, I was oblivious to the two conspiracies that unfolded at the same time, at home and at work.

In short, what happened was the loss of all that seemed normal to me, and all of a sudden I was a single mom of two very young children with a double mortgage that had to be paid for and I was fighting for my job. The threat of potentially being homeless was too much for my stress system. I was in total shock. 

My personal values of integrity, trustworthiness, and loyalty were denied so consistently and profoundly, that I began to question them myself. This resulted in extreme fear and paranoia (resembling what Will Smith experienced in the movie 'The Enemy of the State'), because I had no clue what had happened, or why and what I had done 'wrong'. 

I felt like nobody could be trusted. That everyone I knew had betrayed me. That the world had given up on me and that I deserved nothing else other than betrayal... There had been betrayal on all sides, even from within my home, and the pillars of my life - relationship, work, home - were all collapsing... 

I found myself at 'ground zero' of my life. Between the smoking piles of rubble. 

During this time my mantra became: "This happens to me for a reason, although I don't understand it yet." This mantra saved me during the Eclipse of my life, during the darkest of days I could still see the Light radiating in the distance because I put my faith in the greater meaning of the events. I stayed connected to the nurturing care of something greater, wiser. A force that knew what the plan was. I just had to have faith. 

(I'm not suggesting that all bad things happening in this world have a deeper meaning, that would be spiritual bypassing of pain and suffering. I just knew that in my life, it was teaching me something.)

It took me three years to recover from this very traumatic period, to feel at ease in my life. Looking back on it, I don't think I'd wanted it to be any different. I found true love, I feel supported and at home. I finally took the yoga teacher training that I wanted to take for 10 years but never did, and I have had the time and space to develop a daily spiritual practice and to figure out who I really am. I was able to develop my empathic and psychic abilities through tarot, meditation and dream analysis.

The dream I had on the night of the Eclipse in 2014 was the first of many premonitions, intuitive nudges, and deeply spiritual experiences. I thought that I couldn't trust my intuition anymore, but the lessons from this traumatic and transformational time are that I now know that I can always trust my intuition, that it's always supporting and guiding me. I have learned how to tune into it, how to allow my Inner Wisdom to come forth. The only thing I have to do is LISTEN.

As said above, Eclipses can bring dramatic change, and when things end, new things begin. Wherever there is loss or destruction, there is always a gateway to something new. Eclipses are markers of endings and beginnings, that have a profound and lasting effect. The Eclipse and New Moon in Leo will bring creative, artistic, desired change, good fortune, confidence, and success. We may not see it immediately, or it shows up in unexpected ways. The way we direct our intention is very important, because what we desire is more likely to be attracted. That's why, in dark times, it is extremely important to shine your Light in the dark.

Just like in my personal story, I am certain that on a larger scale, things are shifting. We are between stories. Change is coming, but the New Paradigm isn't fully here. This uncertainty is creating a lot of fear in people. Whenever we can trust that out of chaos comes structure, and that destruction leads to fertility and growth again, like a seed cracking open to reveal the young shoot, it's easier to navigate these global changes. 

We'll have to be in flow with the change. It will be harder when we resist it. So, whenever you feel fear, anger, shame, restlessness, fatigue, rage, confusion... move forward. Do something you love, create a positive vibe, shine your Light. Every little thing helps, how small and insignificant you may feel, the effects of every action ripple out and create other ripples... Just be nice to somebody in the store. Connect with someone you think might need it during the Eclipse days. Bring them some Light. Dance with your kids. Donate a small amount of money to a cause you stand for. Sing in the streets. Speak up when you see injustice being done. Whenever we act, we create. 

Change is coming and you can help build the New.