Full Moon in Aquarius (Lunar Eclipse)

We are slowly approaching the transformational Lunar and Solar Eclipses... Eclipses mark the end or the beginning of something. It's interesting to find some past eclipse dates (please always use Ecosia for web searches - you will plant a tree with every search! - I have no personal interests other than saving the planet...) and to connect those to your life events: marriages, breakups, births, starting or finishing projects, even the loss of a loved one. The April 2014 Solar Eclipses I remember vividly because my whole life changed in a matter of 2 weeks. Although they were not visible in my part of the world, they did have great impact. The themes that were highlighted were related to physical and emotional security, relationships, jealousy, and manipulation. It was pretty intense but the lessons learned were very valuable and lead me to true love, happiness, and independence. So, Eclipses are not drama only, they are the gateway to something new

Apart from the events that can take place around Eclipses, they are also very impressive to witness. I remember the Full Solar Eclipse on 11th August 2009 in Luxembourg. I traveled all the way there to see it happening, and then... it was cloudy and I couldn't see the Sun at all! What a bummer, I thought at first. But then, all of a sudden, daylight disappeared. All that was left was an eerie kind of darkness, with a green gleam over it, like in a very bad storm, but without the storm. On the contrary, it was dead quiet!! All the birds and insects were quiet.... like they suddenly realized that night had fallen.... And then, some 15 minutes later, when the rays of the Sun suddenly returned, they started chirping again, like nothing happened. The cloudy day made it much more magical and I will never forget my experiences that day. 

The next Solar Eclipse will be on August 21st, together with the next New Moon, but first, we will encounter the Full Moon in the current cycle of Leo and that will coincide with a Lunar Eclipse on August 7th. This Full Moon is also known as 'Moon when all things ripen'.

What does that mean for you in the coming weeks? 

So, the Sun is still in the fire sign of Leo, the expressive, powerful, master of the animal kingdom, still reigning as such. Two weeks ago we set intentions around creativity, authentic self-expression, being visible. 

The Moon will be in Aquarius. Aquarius want to see change and transformation! It's about original ideas, independence, nonconformity, and new endeavors. This fits in perfectly with the Leo longing for authentic self-expression and will give you the ideas and clarity to move from playfulness to powerful ideas. In the last two weeks, you have been shown what you really want in life, and the Aquarius Moon will help you to break free of conformity and give you the courage to choose your own path. However, the Light of the Aquarius Moon will be blocked shortly by the shadow of the Earth during the Eclipse, which can lead to feelings of doubt and fear about 'what other people will think'. When the age of Aquarius started, people were calling the Lightbringers 'new age hippies'.

To see how the new paradigm is spreading and finding ground (manifesting) is marvelous!!

(I wrote a blogpost on the new paradigm, and the changes we need in the healthcare system, inspired by a very personal story.)

Your shadow will show you what you are most afraid of in making the change and what is holding you back from manifesting your life. Listen, watch, be still. Dive into the pitch black shadows of the Eclipse and try to see what is hiding in the dark waters of your unconscious for it is there where the truly beautiful things can be found...

The Leo Sun will help to illuminate further what was brought to light from the darkness and it will give you the courage to re-design your life, to start that project, to launch that business, and to embrace that love. Take this powerful energy with you to the next New Moon, the second New Moon in Leo, on the 21st of August to set new intentions with.