New Moon in Leo - 23rd July 2017

After a month with the Sun in the sign of Cancer where we were turned inwards, contemplating and often below the watery surface of emotions and dreams, a big shift in energy is coming. The Sun and Moon will align into a New Moon while slipping into the sign of Leo on Sunday July 23rd 2017 at 11.47 am CEST.

It may be difficult to feel this change at this point in time but as the energies are shifting over the coming days until Sunday you will become more aware of the completely different vibe of fiery Leo. 

The coming Moon cycle is a special one because there will be two New Moons in Leo this year! The second one will take place on August 21st and it will coincide with a Solar Eclipse. This combination of celestial events will make two completely different New Moons in Leo and this month is important to prepare for the transformation ahead on the Solar Eclipse. Consider the first one as a practice for the real work ahead in a month.

Leo is all about strength, courage, self-expression, authenticity, joy, and playfulness. It will be asking you to put down the protective shield you wore over the last few weeks and to get up and boogie!! You have been under the radar for a long time, transforming and hiding perhaps, and now it's time to come out of the shelters. The time is right to be creative, expansive and to get out into the spotlights! Start new projects, follow your dreams, chase your ambitions but do it all in an authentic way. No more pretending, it's time for YOU to shine! You don't have to be shy, the world needs your gifts! Show yourself to the world, let your true Self out and enjoy the ride! 

A tiny warning though for the coming days: with the expansive energies from the weekend onwards into the coming month, we risk being a bit overwhelming to others with our sudden stories, plans, and outpouring energy, creating an unintended aura of arrogance or megalomaniac behavior. The presence of Mars (planet of action, determination, and battle) and Mercury (planet of communication and thought) in the same sign as the Sun and Moon during this New Moon increase the likelihood of overshooting ourselves. Be careful not to overdo it immediately and gradually build your message!

The advice would be to stay in the present, don't let yourself be carried away too much at the beginning and take a few days to think about what you would like to express in the coming month in Leo, topics to consider are:

- bringing more joy and playfulness into your life
- showing your true Self to the world
- sharing your visions, your message & gifts
- starting new projects, following your dreams & ambitions.

Absorb the fiery abundant energy of the summer Leo Sun and use it as an igniting force for your life. Make sure to keep it joyful and playful. 

Once you are clear on what you want to express and manifest....

Shine baby shine !!