Full Moon in Sagittarius - 9th June 2017

On Friday June 9th 2017 the Moon will be full at 15:11:15 precise (I love the timing and the way you can mirror it... I'm a numerology geek I guess). Full Moon means that the Moon is opposite the Sun (Moon and Sun are on either side of the Earth), and we see the side of the Moon that reflects the sunlight. Full Moon is the moment that we are halfway the Moon's cycle, it's a time of things coming to fruition your intentions starting to manifest. You can expect some development in activities and plans you focussed on at the start of the cycle on May 25th when the Moon was in Gemini. This was all about gaining information on a variety of subjects, maybe learning new skills or finding a course, connecting to other people, having meaningful conversations and expanding your network. Do you see some of that happening already? 

The astrological sign of this Full Moon is Sagittarius, or the Archer, who has a need for freedom, expansion and traveling far out, exploring outer and inner worlds. I'm a Sagittarius myself and I love to explore my inner realms like others love to backpack all over on the planet.
The planet Saturn is also in the sign of Sagittarius, where it is most at ease. Saturn is the planet of responsibility, life lessons, karma, and perseverance. Together with the determination of the Archer and the Moon as the symbol of our subconscious, this Full Moon will be triggering an exploration of old patterns and beliefs holding you back from fulfilling your plans and dreams. Once identified, they can be released in the days after the Full Moon, making space in your life for the things you really want to attract and achieve. 

Keep your arrows pointed towards your goals and don't lose faith. Don't let yourself be distracted by the chatty energy of the Gemini Sun and be careful not to choose too many goals at the same time. One or two to focus on will lead to more profound changes than 8 of them partly accomplished. Be focused and determined and you will reach the destination ahead of you.

The Full Moon is influencing our bodies as well and is known for a feeling of restlessness. Most people feel outgoing and full of energy. Did you plan that neighborhood BBQ or other social gatherings around the Full Moon? Have fun!!!

Some people sleep lighter, or experience sleep disturbances during the Full Moon, causing fatigue during the day. It's possible to have more lucid dreams, dreams that are much more vivid and that you remember easily. I usually write them down to see what hidden messages from the dream time are coming through for me.

If you want to remember your dreams too, there is a way! Make sure you go to sleep with the intention to remember your dream, and when you wake up, stay in bed and focus on what lingered from the dream time. A word, a phrase, a scent, an emotion... Don't grab your phone right away! Stay with the images, smells, sounds, colors, for a while and see what comes up. It may be of help to wake up naturally instead of setting an alarm (if possible). It takes some practice to remember your dreams, but it will be easier the more you try. Write down what you remember, you can keep a small notebook and a pen next to your bed. I usually remember my dreams very well and I take the time to write them down after breakfast before I continue with my daily draw of cards. 

This week for me the dream themes seemed to be about insects, spiders and traveling, moving and airports... Catching a plane, rushing and nearly missing it. I guess my body was telling me to slow down. So I did.