New Moon in Cancer - 23rd June 2017

On Friday June 23rd the Moon will be entering the dark phase and a new Moon cycle starts.

We are now in the last days of the current moon cycle, and the Moon is waning. This is the best time to bring to an end, to close, to finish. So, when you are dealing with a project or certain task, finish it now. Prioritise your activities in such a way that starting new things or planning ahead is postponed to the weekend and beyond. 

It is entirely possible that you feel old things coming up during the waning Moon phase. Don't hold it in, take your time to feel through it and release old stuff that is bugging you. 

During these final days of the Moon cycle, the Sun will be at its highest point on June 21st. This day is known as the Summer Solstice, Midsummer or Litha. As the masculine energy from the Sun is building up, we can feel energized, 'fired up'. Due to the massive amounts of light coming in, we don't need so much sleep and feel restored easily. Time to celebrate the Life force, the Sun, and abundance. 

However, the New Moon is coming up as well, and this is usually a time of low energy, feminine receptivity and turning inward.

These two celestial events are so close together that you may feel the swing from celebrating and energized to tired and longing for solitude in just a matter of hours. Don't feel pressured to do things that do not feel up to and know that it's perfectly fine to choose peace and quiet contemplation while others are still on the high of the Solstice. It's important to follow your instincts and to take good care of your own needs.

The New Moon on Friday will be in the astrological sign of Cancer. This is a watery sign and it is a sensitive, protective and emotional sign. Cancer is related to the nurturing care of the mother. The more we feel this has been lacking, the more our inner child will be yearning for it. The dynamics of this sign will tell us how well we connect to our inner mother. Our physical form - our body - is made from the same elements as the Great Mother Earth. How well do you take care of our own body? Are you nurturing our physical and emotional needs? Are you connected to your feminine energy? What does that mean to you? Are you able to trust in the Universe and the abundance that is out there? 

Those are the questions to journal about or meditate on during the New Moon days (3 days around the New Moon) to be able to set new intentions for the coming cycle. How are you going to apply self care in your plans? What is important to focus on in your daily routine? Maybe this is eating healthy, or resting a bit more, or holding your boundaries. For each of us, the nurturing care we need is different. The Sun in Cancer will shine a light on what is needed to sustain the life force within. Know that we are always cared for and nurtured, maybe not the way our mind wants nor the way we expect it to be.