Full Moon in Taurus - 4th November 2017

The Full Moon in Taurus will be this Friday, November 4th.

This Moon cycle started two weeks ago when the Sun and Moon were both in Libra. Although this sign is about harmony and balance, it isn't always what will present itself to us. Sometimes we are confronted with the opposite, to invite us to rearrange our life more aligned to our true Self. 

The Full Moon in Taurus invites you to take care of your body. It is an Earth sign, strongly connected to food and appetite, practicality, sensuality and money. A great time to cook hearty meals, apply some oil to your skin to nourish it and to give or get a massage, or to exercise. Make a practical plan for the coming weeks and months, block some time in your calendar for self-care. This is a great time to start a structured health, meal or savings plan

Full Moon is always a time of heightened emotions. At the moment there are many planets in the sign of Scorpio, which is all about the Shadow, the hidden truth, secrecy, and transformation. Expect some emotions around personal or collective truths being uncovered (as has been going on lately with the Hollywood sex scandals, and in politics), some fear around being called out on your suppressed emotions and thoughts. This can for sure be unpleasant, but it's also important to face them and bring the shadows to the light. This will help you discover your True Self and own it in completion, a potent tool for transformation. We all have suppressed parts of ourself we are not proud of, and we all have suppressed our Light as well. Don't be afraid to shine your Light into this world, nothing bad will happen to you when you have the courage to shine! Your gifts and talents are so desperately needed right now! Easygoing, steady Taurus will help you ground during this Full Moon. Be grateful for who you truly are.