New Moon in Cancer - July 12/13th 2018

On Friday the 13th of July, 2018 at 4:47 am CEST, we will have the next New Moon in the sign of Cancer(convert to your timezone here, July 12th for US/Canada).

The Sun is still in Cancer, the water sign, and the Moon is slowly moving towards Cancer as well until they line up at the New Moon. There will be a partial solar eclipse as well and thus we are entering the Eclipse Season.

Eclipses are powerful portals of change. Where will they lead us to? Which doors are closing and which ones will open?

This first eclipse, it's the watery Cancer energy that is on the forefront. Cancer is the lobster with the hard shell and the soft belly and symbolizes the vulnerable parts of us. The parts where we feel wounded, and where we need a nurturing mother to feel safe and supported. It is closely connected to our deepest pain and emotions because these wounds exist since we were very young, and were created under conditions where our mother couldn't meet our needs (often due to adult life circumstances).

This eclipse can stir up strong emotions regarding our childhood. We all have childhood trauma to some extent and we are heavily shaped by it, in a sense that we lead our lives trying to avoid the pain we once suffered from. We bury the wounds so deep that we aren't even aware of them anymore. And in doing so, we avoid healing, new experiences, growth, and ultimately, freedom. 

Avoidance of pain and stress will not help us grow. There is this famous video of a rabbi explaining the growth cycle of a lobster and how it is related to stress.

A lobster can only grow when it sheds its shell. The trigger to do that is that it feels uncomfortable. 

We are living in a society where stress and discomfort are medicated, suppressed, and avoided. This results in temporary relief, but will we not grow, and therefore continue to behave in ways and stay in situations that make us unhappy.

This week I experienced this myself too. I went to a job interview that matched my qualifications perfectly. It was a nice conversation and they wanted to hire me, but I felt totally exhausted and in mental and physical pain afterward. It took me several days to understand what had happened. 

Over the last two years, I have been in a transformational process of personal and spiritual growth and I took some major leaps in my personal and professional life. I have grown and developed so many aspects of my being that this job interview was a way of stepping back into the old me, into old structures, old behavior that doesn't align with my new Self anymore. I have never felt this so clearly before. The moment you have outgrown your shell, you can't go back. You can't be blind to what you see.

It's too uncomfortable. I didn't accept the job.

I am ready for the new Me. I am ready to take Elemental Life to the next level. I am determined to help others make the same quantum leap. I am currently working on a course on cyclical living and energy management, because this way of living enabled me to grow, recover, expand, and have the energy for a new start. I will update you when it's ready. Feel free to send me an email if you want to know more or enter the waitlist here.

Change is inevitable and uncomfortable, but you can be free, healthy, happy, and abundant. It's possible, and it's possible for you.

This New Moon is a very powerful one. It will show you where you are uncomfortable. And thus it will show you where your potential growth lies. 

Focus on how you want to feel and move in the direction of that feeling. It is your guide. 

If you feel like it is time to shed your old self, create a safe place for your transition, cancel appointments, arrange some support around you, (your partner, friends, family, a coach), go within, and release your shell.

Nurture your body, nurture your Soul. 

Welcome the new You.

Full Moon in Capricorn - June 28th 2018

On June 28th, 2018, at 6:53 am CEST (click here to convert to your timezone) the Full Moon will appear in Capricorn, while the Sun is in Cancer.  

Last week, on June 21st, Summer officially started on the Summer Solstice. The Moon was in Libra at the time, and this gives us a foreshadowing of the coming months. The Libra Moon was calling us to find balance

My daughter asked me a question about the Solstice. She said: "How come the Sun is at the highest point on the first day of Summer? Why isn't it at the highest point in the middle of Summer?"

That also made me think about balance. Nature always creates balance. How does this play out with the seasons? 

Imagine, that the longest day (Summer Solstice) would be in the middle of Summer, let's say in August, and that during the first 2 months of Summer, the Sun would continue to climb and the days would be longer and longer... what would happen? There would be too much fire in the Summer months, and too much ice in Winter, and we would perish. We need the days to gradually shorten during the Summer months, to ensure the hemispheres from overheating, or getting too cold during Summer and Winter, respectively. 

The coming six months until the Winter Solstice we will constantly be reminded about balance, in all areas of life. Energy, health, spending, work, business, politics, relationships, community. 

Polarities will become clearer and be more and more unsustainable. We need to seek the middle road, compromise and connect.

The first two weeks of this Moon cycle hit us all hard on an emotional level. Injustice and oppression came to the surface where we least expected it, inside our own 'liberal', 'safe', 'free' world. This is typical Cancerian energy. We have been wounded in our inner core, we feel the pain in our gut, like a crab, pierced through the soft belly. 

The crab (Cancer) has a hard shell, and can protect itself very well, but is also soft inside, and is therefore easily hurt and in emotional pain when the threat comes from below, or from within. Old wounds, old unprocessed pain, and violence we don't expect at all will hurt deeply. 

The Full Moon in Capricorn will shine a light on the shadow side of the strong, determined, forceful, powerful authority, illuminating oppression, abuse of power and even dictatorship

Abuse of power happens when the heart is disconnected from the mind. Exhibition of power without compassion and love for all of mankind can cause major trauma. However, it is a sign of weakness, to only feel powerful when one can push down and oppress all others for the sake of one's own illusory glory. 

A true leader governs from the heart. 

When authority comes with oppression instead of true leadership, we tend to obey (fear), or rebel (anger). Both are opposites of a polarity, creating conflict

Obedience creates major conflict in ourselves by rejecting our Soul authority, and rebellion creates conflict with the authorities in the outside world. Both are not an option anymore. We need to look for another way.

How do we find balance in this polarised world, spinning out of control? 

We need to honor the softness within, have compassion, with ourselves and others. In addition, we have to install and uphold firm boundaries, to protect the delicate beauty of the heart inside. Like a ribcage, a crab's shell. And failure is not an option, we need to persevere, stay strong and determined to create a better world. Lock arms. Uplift each other.

You are not a drop in the ocean.
You are the entire ocean in a drop.
— Rumi

While the Sun is in Cancer (until July 20th) the balance between softness and firmness will be challenged, especially at the beginning of the new Moon cycle on 13th (New Moon in Cancer). 

Whether it is stirring up old wounds, or creating new ones, the way to heal is through releasing it. Whenever your emotions are heightened during this Full Moon, cry it out. Cry a river that leads to the sea. Every individual drop of salt water is a tiny, seemingly insignificant one, but together the oceans are vast bodies of water. 

We may feel insignificant and small, but together we are rising. 

The productivity myth - why taking a break is vital for your health

The productivity myth - why taking a break is vital for your health

Rest and recovery is vital for our health. Why is taking a break so hard for us? This article gives you insight on the productivity myth, the way we are conditioned to always work and achieve to be successful, how rest is associated with doing nothing, and why that is a lie. We need down-time to prevent burnout, exhaustion, chronic stress, adrenal fatigue, and other depletion syndromes.

New Moon in Gemini - June 13th 2018

On Wednesday, June 13th, 2018 we will have the next New Moon in the sign of Gemini.

Gemini is an air sign. It exudes mental activity like thinking, connecting fresh ideas, brainstorming, mind mapping. It is also about being in connection with others, through communication, chatter, small talk, listening, and social behavior. 

Unbalanced, the Gemini energy can be overwhelming and leads to overthinking, analysis paralysis, mental illness, stress, and isolation.

The past few weeks have shown us that true connection on all levels (not just on a mental level!) is vital to our sense of wellbeing. The recent wave of suicides that we heard about in the media is just the tip of the iceberg. So many people are going through a crisis, we only hear about famous people on the news, but there are many more struggling. I don't think it's wise to ignore this.

And I also think it's insufficient to only be aware of people struggling when we hear about another suicide. We always need to be aware of what could be going on in someone's life.

Although we can connect so easily nowadays, and we have social media, email, WhatsApp and cell phones at our disposal, the level of disconnection is disheartening. There are masks on many people's faces, and glitter and unicorn social profiles, and we don't know a thing about what's really going on.

For me, the amount of people suffering from stress-related disorders like depression, anxiety, and burnout, is a clear sign that there is something extremely unsettling going on. 

Since the era of industrialization started over a century ago, people became more and more disconnected from the Earth, and each other. Information technology made it easier than ever to get in contact with people all over the globe. And still, we are losing our ability to connect. 

When I was in the depths of burnout, isolated in my home, too disoriented and anxious to go out for groceries, I needed connection so badly. Nobody visited me for over a year. I have never felt more isolated than ever before.

The thing is, when people are struggling, they tend to isolate themselves. Unfortunately, society overvalues social behavior and tends to judge isolation, because it's uncomfortable when people don't reach out, or we are confronted with silence. We feel easily rejected when people don't call or answer our text messages. 

However, isolation is a natural response to stress.

Research showed that when we are under severe stress, the nervous system shuts down, and we are less able to exhibit social behavior(e.g. reaching out for help, sharing, connecting, answering emails and picking up the phone!) and the part of our brain that comes up with solutions to problems has difficulty functioning. This isn't helpful to come out of a stressful situation. It is vital to know that your nervous system is not up to the task of lowering stress by itself. To do that, it needs human connection, touch, and compassion. Which is more difficult to ask for or give to someone, when we are under severe stress. See the downward spiral here?

Keep in mind that when you don't hear from someone, it might mean that they are not doing well. Don't take it personally. Reach out.

The Moon and Sun are both in Gemini, and the energy of this New Moon is all about our ability to truly connect, to reach out, beyond the mental level. 

Over the past few years, I turned to the internet for connection. After cleaning up my social media feeds, I started engaging in Facebook groups of like-minded people (and left them really quick when the atmosphere or comments didn't feel inspiring or uplifting to me). I joined online courses and learned that more people wanted to have a meaningful and purposeful life. I found a membership site for women where I made new friends all over the world. In February of this year, I started B-school and met two lovely women online who live within a 5-minute walk of my home! 

The connections I made online are - in some cases - stronger than my 'in real life' friendships. At first, I judged myself for it, because I thought virtual connection couldn't beat 'real' connection. But there is no difference really. It's not about the physical proximity, it's about the quality and authenticity. That's the real challenge, to truly open our hearts, speak from it, and listen. Use Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, look each other in the eye and share stories. And cry together. There's no shame in that. Life is freaking hard sometimes, let's not pretend we're ok when we're not. 

What I came to understand in my own time of crisis, is that the way we are treating Nature, the Earth, is the way we treat ourselves. We aren't just a figurine in the play of life. We are connected to life. We ARE life. 

This is a time of change. The more we feel how we lost the connection to ourselves, the more we will awaken to the way we treat Mother Earth. She is calling us. She is poking us. She is showing us what we do to Her, and to ourselves. And that isn't a nice feeling, I can tell you that.

Volcano's are erupting, floods are destroying man-made structures. She is roaring and calling upon us. She is showing us that we are One with Her.

And I am convinced that when we start reconnecting with Her, we start reconnecting to our Self, our own Nature as well, and we will heal together.

Whenever you feel alone, anxious, stressed, I invite you to connect. It doesn't matter who it is. Everyone is going through a difficult time, it's a collective unraveling. Call a friend or family member. Go online and share your story. Ask for support. Find someone you are feeling safe with (to lower the stress and help your nervous system cope). Ask Mother Earth for help, She is there to support you. She always has.

We need to re-evaluate the connections we have. That is what this New Moon in Gemini asks from us. Renew your connection to Gaia, to yourSelf, and to like-minded people. Find your Soul circle. Be there for someone and let yourself be supported. 

This New Moon, balance your mental activity by connecting with the Earth, with Nature, through touch with humans and animals, and through connecting authentically from the heart level.

That is our purpose, as humans. To be connected at the heart level.

Consolation for a Broken Family

"I had to kiss them goodbye. I had never been away from them more than two nights. And now I would have to leave them for five days. Not once, but over and over again.

‘Mommy, I want to stay with you!” 

My 3-year old daughter was wrapping her arms around my neck. My 6-year old daughter already took her father’s hand, ready to walk away, like she was heading towards a new adventure. She didn’t know what was waiting for her. A broken family. Swapping homes for the rest of her childhood. Missing mom, or missing dad.  

There’s a time for letting go. You can’t hold on to your children forever. Having to let them go at 3 and 6 years old is just cruel. 

As I was dying inside, I looked up towards the stars, as if they could give me the power to survive this agonizing moment. My eyes rested on the Full Moon. 

I took a deep breath, and as I went down on my knees and whispered to my sweet little loves with as much courage as I could gather: 

“Do you see Her, the Moon? Did you know She’s always there, always have been, and always will be? Remember that when you miss me, you can always search for the Moon. Wherever you are, and wherever I am, I promise you that when you look for the Moon, I will be looking for Her too. When you see Her, you will know that we will always be together.”

My sweet baby girl smiled, I snuggled her one last time before handing her over to her loving daddy. My oldest daughter threw me a hand kiss and swirled away into her new future.

I watched them as they drove off. I don’t remember how long they were gone before I could breathe again. Then, I looked up at the Moon, and I could feel Her cool white light on my wet cheeks. That moment, it was me who needed to remember Her presence most."

This is my contribution to the May Magick project, hosted by Alauna Whelan, published May 29th 2018, titled 'The Moon'. It was written straight from my heart and a true story.