Willemijn Maas, MD, holistic vitality cand business coach

Welcome to Elemental Life! 

I am Willemijn Maas, MD, Vitality Coach and Online Business Manager for conscious entrepreneurial women who want to make impact with their business without sacrificing their energy.

In my career as a medical doctor and holistic vitality coach, I have supported many inspiring women through BURNOUT, CHRONIC ILLNESS, and ENERGY ISSUES.

As an operational manager I know what is needed to start and scale a business so you can focus on what you love, serve your clients well, and create revenue.

To make impact, you need to manage your energy, know your body, shift your mindset, and have the right systems and structures in place.

Self-care is critically important, because ENERGY = IMPACT.

Vital you means vital business.

energy management burnout recovery vitality business coaching female entrepreneurs

You want to bring your gifts to the world in a way that sustains you.

You want to start an online business because you’ve experienced burnout or illness and you can’t/won’t go back to a corporate job.

You have worked hard in your life, and achieved a lot. But life threw you a curveball and you had to step out of your career for a while. You want to (re)start a business that you love, in a sustainable way.

You are burning out in your business and need structures to help you streamline and simplify so you can focus on what you truly love.

Your deepest desire is to live an abundant, purposeful life, without burning yourself out (again).


… that you’d feel energised, vibrant, and alive, every day

… having space for self care and inspiration, so you can recharge whenever you need it

… a joyful, happy flow of creativity moving through you

… having powerful strategies in place to turn to for replenishment & instant energy

… a streamlined business where you can focus on the things that bring in money and make you happy, while the rest is taken care of

… a job or a business that doesn’t drain you but lights you up, making you feel happy and fulfilled, living your purpose and making impact

I am here to help you, because I know it’s possible for you to have an inspiring, fulfilled, and vibrant life.

To receive support & guidance on the next steps towards more energy and a fulfilled life, book your free 45-minute Connection Call below.


Are you ready?

…to step up, reclaim your energy, and create impact?

…for the new feminine way of energy management?

…to experience more success and abundance?

…to grow your business beyond burnout?

Move away from the old paradigm of overworking and overwhelm.

Break through patterns that keep you stuck where you are not happy.

Organise your life and business in way that works for you!

Rewire old patterns of masculine energy management - overachieving, competition, always pushing and striving into feminine energy management - Cyclical Living, connection, intuition, collaboration.

Aligning with your cyclical nature will help you manage your energy in a sustainable way and make an impact!


Willemijn Maas

Willemijn is a changemaker with a solid general medical background and 15 years of experience in different fields, like Psychiatry & Science, Medical Policy & Advice. She has worked as a project leader and Operational Manager for an international healthcare company until she started her own online business in 2017.

Apart from being trained as Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Holistic Vitality Coach, Career Coach, YTT-200 Yoga Teacher/Therapist, she has participated in a broad range of (online) business trainings, like Operational Excellence and Organisational Change, B-school, Online Marketing, Copywriting & Strategy. This unique combination enables her to approach personal, career & business development in a holistic way. 

After years of working in corporate healthcare environments and going through some disrupting life events and medical issues herself, she experienced burnout. During her recovery process she rediscovered the importance of Cyclical Living, and started to honour her feminine nature. She then instinctively knew there was no other way than to make the transformational choice to leave her corporate job and start her own online business.

As a mother of 2 Waldorf-schooled daughters, she is determined to lead the way to empowerment and healing for women and to contribute to healing and restoration of the planet we live on.

My story

After a 15-year career in healthcare, as a Psychiatry Resident, Senior Medical Doctor and Operational Manager, I crashed into severe burnout. During my healing process, I reflected on my situation, I realised something that left me speechless at first. Many years of working, achieving, and striving for good grades, success and growth in a linear, masculine way (like we are all told to do in school and I was in 20+ years of education) left me feeling depleted, exhausted, and disheartened. I wanted to make an impact in the world but I didn’t even have the energy to read a bedtime story to my daughters.

I felt worthless and hopeless.

I had been living the illusion that success is connected to working hard only, and that pushing through would get me the freedom, satisfaction, and fulfilment I was longing for. What I didn't see, was that I was living a lie we have been told for decades, and generations, the lie that growth is a linear process and that success can only come through working hard.

I knew there had to be a better way. I wanted to start my business because I knew that I didn’t want to go back to corporate. But I had no clue where to start. I took many online business trainings, copy writing courses, and software trainings while I was recovering from burnout.

I mastered online business systems and strategies. I’ve built my business in a way that is honouring my time and energy, and gives me freedom to do what I love and have a life. I discovered how I could use all my talents, skills, my personal and my professional experience to help other women with energy and business management.

Feminine Energy Practices and using systems and structures to my benefit have helped me in building a sustainable business.

I discovered how I could manage my energy in a better way.

Embracing my Feminine nature reconnected me to my body, to Nature, and to my purpose. I feel deeply that this wisdom needed to reach more women to help them create a sustainable life and career.

I believe that energy issues show us how we are not living sustainably.

You are unique and valuable and you can make impact in a world that needs you but you need energy to do what you love!

I’m here to support you on your journey towards more vitality in life and business.

With love and blessings,

🌸 Willemijn 🌸

PS: Apart from being a medical doctor with a background in psychiatry, research, business improvement, and change management, I’m also a 50% co-parenting mom, proud owner of a vegetable patch and two chickens. I love nature, looking at the Moon, I have a ton of tarot and oracle decks, a cabinet full of crystals, and I enjoy knitting socks. Really. ;-)


University - Medical School
Master of Science, Medical Doctor

Psychiatry residency (depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, unexplained physical symptoms)

Clinical researcher (depressive disorders, apathy and immune activation, healthy aging)

Svastha Institute for Yoga Therapy (300h YA)

Yoga Teacher Training
YTT-200 Yoga Teacher Training

Accessible Yoga workshops

TIAS Business School
Organisational Change

Operational Excellence

Online Business Training
B-school - Marie Forleo

The Copy Cure - Marie Forleo

The Magic of You - Sacred Planet

Online Event Creation - Sacred Planet

Facebook & Instagram for Good - Sophie Jane Mortimer Communications

Coach Training
Holistic Vitality Coaching (post-graduate) - MARK Academy for Vitality Coaching

Happy at Work Career Coaching Certificate