Welcome to Elemental Life! 

Align the 5 Sacred Elements of Life to come back to YOU.


The elements of life are earth, air, water, fire, spirit, representing the body, the mind, our emotions, energy and consciousness or Soul. Aligning those will help us heal and come back to Self.


Are you longing for a renewed connection to your heart?

Do you want to walk the path back to your Soul?

Are you tired of living in your head 24/7?

Do you want a more fulfilling life?

Are you looking for more balance?

Do you have a purpose you want to pursue but you don't dare to?


If your answer is YES to one or more of those questions you are in the right place! 

I'm here to offer you inspirational stories and articles about balance, purpose, holistic health, and adding the spark of magic to your life.

My goal is to integrate knowledge and experience from a variety of realms, holistic health, psychology, science, nature and spirituality. I use my experience as a Medical Doctor who worked in the field of psychiatry, general healthcare and (not-for-profit) business, my personal journey as an intuitive empath, knowledge of and experience with yoga, meditation, chakras, tarot, astrology, nature, rituals and the teachings of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine.

I view life as a path to higher knowledge and personal growth to discover our Self and our purpose. Life is a journey. Welcome, and enjoy traveling with me.

With love and gratitude,


Willemijn Maas, MD

Willemijn Maas

Willemijn is a professional life coach with a solid general medical background and 15 years of experience in Psychiatry & Science, Medical Policy & Advice, Operational Excellence and Organisational Change. She has been interested in metaphysical and esoteric subjects since childhood. Apart from being trained as Life Style Coach, YTT-200 Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist and Red Tent Facilitator, she has participated in a broad range of other trainings and courses, like tarot, astrology, chakra psychology, and ayurveda. This enables her to approach healing and personal growth in a holistic way. 

After years of working in corporate healthcare environments and going through some emotional life events and medical issues herself she suffered from burnout. During her recovery process she rediscovered the therapeutic power of yoga, meditation and spiritual practices like card reading, crystal healing and dream analysis, leading to the transformational choice to leave healthcare and start Elemental Life. 

Being a mother of 2 Waldorf-schooled daughters she is determined to live a fulfilled life in alignment and connection to Self, nature, ritual and the Sacred Feminine which enables her to follow her calling - to help others empower and heal themselves.

Because the power of healing is present in all of us

Resume & Education

University - Medical School
Master of Science, Medical Doctor

Epidemiology & Biostatistics Courses

Psychiatry (depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, unexplained physical symptoms)

Research (depressive disorders and immune activation)

General medical assessments

TIAS Business School
Masterclasses Organisational Change & Operational Excellence

Svastha Institute for Yoga Therapy (300h YA)
Module 2: Locomotor System - Cervical & Thoracic Spine, Upper Limb

Module 4: Pranayama, Ayurveda, Neurological/Digestive/ Hormonal/Immune Systems

Module 5: Depression, addictions 

Center Open Field
YTT-200 Yoga Teacher Training

Ayurveda Basic Home Apothecary Course (scheduled)

Pranayama Course 50h (scheduled)



MARK Academy
Life Style Coaching (post-graduate)

Star of Ishtar
Red Tent Facilitator Training

Sacred Union Course

Babywearing Consultancy Training

Tarot Courses

Basic Astrology Course

Mystical Initiation Course 

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