Welcome to Elemental Life! 

I am Willemijn Maas, MD, holistic vitality, career and business coach.

I am here to support inspiring women like you to move beyond BURNOUT and ENERGY ISSUES.

Willemijn Maas, MD, vitality, career and business coach

Willemijn Maas, MD, vitality, career and business coach

You have a powerful gift and the world needs you. But you feel depleted and empty, not knowing what you have left to give.

If you went through burnout or chronic illness, it is scary to follow your dream.

When you do ‘too much’ or ‘the wrong thing’ you feel exhausted, depleted, drained, and overwhelmed. It scares you and you feel worthless because of your symptoms.

You would love to have your vitality back and have impact. You long for a joyful, happy flow of creativity to move through you. You want to feel centered and connected.

Your deepest desire is to live an abundant purposeful life, in service of others, without burning yourself out (again).

And… you know you can only do it on your terms to create space for selfcare and inspiration. You want a job or start a business that doens’t drain you but lights you up.

I am here to help you, because I know it’s possible for you to have an inspiring, fulfilled, and vibrant life.

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Are you ready?

…to step up, take responsibility for your energy and health, and create impact?

…for the new feminine way of energy management?

…to be a pioneer, a change maker, showing the way to a new future?

…to live your best life?

…to share your gift, and receive energy, success, and abundance in return?

Move away from the old paradigm of scarcity and patterns that keep you stuck where you are not happy. Discover what it is that you truly deeply long for and live your best life!

I created Elemental Life to help inspired, ambitious women who have a mission in life, who want to create change and have impact in the world, but feel that they are blocked by energy imbalances.

Instead of stress, discomfort, and exhaustion, it is fully possible to experience more peace, health, success, and abundance in your life. Even though everyday life is stressing you out, there are ways to have more space and still have more.

Willemijn nature.png

I have gone from severe physician burnout to a purposeful new life that brought me the freedom I longed for and opportunities to create a life that I truly love.

And you can have that too.

My secret?

Connection to the natural rhythms of nature, retraining the brain, and radical self-care

Everything in life is cyclical. Follow the natural cycles to come back to YOU.

Untangle limiting beliefs around rest and recovery help you in taking responsibility for self-care.

Rewire old patterns of masculine energy management - overachieving, competition, always pushing and striving into feminine energy management - Cyclical Living, connection, intuition, supporting each other.

Align with your cyclical nature will help you manage your energy and health in a sustainable way and make an impact!

Cyclical Living connects you to NATURE & SPIRIT.


Sustainable living is what the planet and humanity desperately need right now.

Your energy is a mirror of what the Earth is experiencing. Depletion, abuse, scarcity mindset. Change is needed in order to heal yourself and the planet.

Old patterns, thoughts, expectations, and choices might be the reason that the vital energy that runs through everything can’t flow freely through your body.

This can result in stress, stuckness, and when this is not dealt with, stress-related illnesses, like burnout, adrenal fatigue, chronic health issues.

A new way of energy management is needed and it will help you create an amazing, energetic life. This enables you create impact in the world the way you want.

The feminine is rising and we need to learn and teach how to live in balance with the feminine energies.

Ready to create impact in a sustainable way?


Willemijn Maas

Willemijn is a changemaker with a solid general medical background and 15 years of experience in Psychiatry & Science, Medical Policy & Advice, Operational Excellence and Organisational Change. She has been interested in metaphysical and esoteric subjects since childhood. Apart from being trained as Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Holistic Vitality Coach, Career Coach, YTT-200 Yoga Teacher/Therapist, and Red Tent Facilitator, she has participated in a broad range of other trainings and courses, like tarot, astrology, chakra psychology and several online business trainings. This enabled her to approach health, career & personal development, and spiritual growth in a holistic way. 

After years of working in corporate healthcare environments and going through some disrupting life events and medical issues herself, she suffered from burnout. During her recovery process she rediscovered the importance of Cyclical Living and started to honor her energetic nature. She instinctively knew there was no other way than to make the transformational choice to leave the healthcare system and start Elemental Life. 

As a mother of 2 Waldorf-schooled daughters, she is determined to lead the way to empowerment and healing for women and to contribute to healing and restoration of the planet we live on.

My story

After a 15-year career as a Senior Medical Doctor and Operational Manager of a health care company, I crashed into severe burnout. During my healing process, I reflected on my situation, I realized something that left me speechless at first. Many years of working, achieving, and striving for good grades, success and growth in a linear, masculine way (like we are all told to do in school and I was in 20+ years of education) left me feeling depleted, exhausted, and disheartened. I wanted to make an impact in the world but I didn’t even have the energy to read a bedtime story to my daughters.

I felt very sad, lonely, and hopeless.

I had been living the illusion that success is connected to working hard only, and that pushing through would get me the freedom, satisfaction, and fulfillment I was longing for. What I didn't see, was that I was living a lie we have been told for decades, and generations, the lie that growth is a linear process and that success can only come through working hard.

Cyclical Living has helped me recover from burnout and build a sustainable business.

I discovered how I could manage my energy in a better way.

Implementation of Cyclical Living reconnected me to my body, my Soul, and my creativity. It also reconnected me to Nature. It struck me how little we still know about Cyclical Living and how disconnected we are as a species, from Nature and from ourselves. Modern living requires that we abuse our body, spirit, and our connections and this is exactly how we treat the Earth.

I feel deeply that this wisdom needed to reach more women to help them recover from fatigue, stress and burnout.

I believe that conditions like burnout & energy issues show us how we are not living sustainably.

It is the Earth’s calling through our body that change is needed.

I also believe that being diagnosed with a chronic condition doesn’t mean you’re worthless.

I’d love to support you in finding fulfilment, abundance, and vitality again.

With love and blessings,

🌸 Willemijn 🌸

PS: I’m also a co-parenting mom, proud owner of a vegetable patch and two chickens. I love nature, looking at the Moon, I have a ton of tarot and oracle decks, a cabinet full of crystals, and I enjoy knitting socks. Really. ;-)


University - Medical School
Master of Science, Medical Doctor

Psychiatry residency (depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, unexplained physical symptoms)

Clinical researcher (depressive disorders, apathy and immune activation, healthy aging)

TIAS Business School
Organisational Change

Operational Excellence

Online Business Training
B-school - Marie Forleo

The Copy Cure - Marie Forleo

The Magic of You - Sacred Planet

Online Event Creation - Sacred Planet

Svastha Institute for Yoga Therapy (300h YA)
Module 2: Locomotor System - Cervical & Thoracic Spine, Upper Limb

Module 4: Pranayama, Ayurveda, Neurological/Digestive/ Hormonal/Immune Systems

Module 5: Depression, addictions 

Module 6: Burnout, stress, anxiety and trauma

Yoga Teacher Training
YTT-200 Yoga Teacher Training

Accessible Yoga workshops



Coach Training
Holistic Vitality Coaching (post-graduate) - MARK Academy for Vitality Coaching

Happy at Work Career Coaching Certificate

Nature-based & Metaphysical Training
Red Tent Facilitator Training & Sacred Union Course - Star of Ishtar (The Moon Woman)

Tarot Courses

Astrology Courses

 Living with your Nature - Modron Women Academy

Rooting into Shamanic Wisdom - Sacred Planet