Welcome to Elemental Life! 

Everything in life is cyclical. Follow the natural cycles to come back to YOU.

Everything in the Universe has a cyclical foundation. From the turning of galaxies, the orbits of the Earth (the seasons), the Moon with its lunar phases, your hormonal cycle, every molecular process inside your cells, to the electrons whirling around in atoms.

Instead of tuning in to these natural cycles, we are mostly living in a linear way, where success and productivity are valued more than rest and recovery. The burnout epidemic and the depletion of our planet Earth are the consequences of this linear, consuming way of treating our energy resources.

Aligning with your cyclical nature will help you manage your energy and health in a sustainable way!


Are you a professional powerful woman, a leader in your field, wanting to make an impact in the world but you feel too exhausted and drained to make it happen?

Do you consider yourself ambitious or a high-achiever, but you are not performing to your own standards?

Are you longing for more flow and effortlessness?

Are you tired, exhausted, stressed, or anxious a lot?

Are you not taking time to spend in solitude, or are lacking time to care for yourself?

Do you have health issues like burnout, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, sleep disturbance that cause you to miss out on life?

Are you constantly torn between decisions from the head and from the heart?

Do you want a more fulfilling life? Are you looking for meaning in your 9-5 job?


If your answer is YES to one or more of those questions you are in the right place! 

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My Story

After a 15-year successful career as a Senior Medical Doctor and Operational Manager of a health care company, I crashed into severe burnout in 2016. During my recovery process, I realized that so many years of working, achieving, and striving for success and growth in a linear, masculine way left me feel depleted, exhausted, and disheartened.

I was living the illusion that success is connected to working hard only, and that pushing through would get me the freedom, satisfaction, and fulfillment I was longing for. What I didn't see, was that I was living a lie we have been told for decades, and generations, that growth is a linear process.

In my twenties, I already started a spiritual practice around the Moon phases and I learned a lot about my hormonal cycle and how to track it, but somehow it never occured to me that I could use this knowledge to live life in a much more sustainable way. 

During my recovery, I noticed how closely my energy levels were connected to my hormonal cycle, and the Moon cycle. I picked up my practice to live wih the Moon cycle again, and I started writing Moon Reports. It struck me how little we still know about cyclical living.

When we look at nature, we see that growth is a cyclical process. In spring, the seeds germinate, summer is charactarized by abundant growth, we harvest in fall, and it all dies down in winter. Over and over again. 

Mankind has lost it's connection to nature and it has had profound consequences. The burnout epidemic is real. However, when we don't respect the natural cycles of growth, we will not enjoy true abundance either. Life has so much to offer when you tune in!

Once I started to realize that my personal energy management and growth were cyclical, and I started living that in my every day life, I recovered from burnout and created my best life! 


I now have the freedom to do what I truly love and what makes me happy.

I have more energy than the 10 years before I changed my life.

Every day, opportunities present themselves, and doors open which I didn't know existed.


In the era of the rising feminine it is vital that we learn how to live cyclically instead of linear, and how to tap into the wisdom of the body, and how to use the cosmic energy to create our best life.

 My goal is to integrate knowledge and experience from a variety of realms: holistic health, psychology, science, nature and spirituality to help you understand why cyclical living is so important for health and wellbeing.

I use my experience as a Medical Doctor who worked in the field of psychiatry, general healthcare, business improvement and change management, my personal journey as an intuitive empath, personal experience with cyclical living, energy medicine, yoga, meditation, astrology, modern rituals and the teachings of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine.

I see life as an everchanging, spiraling path to higher knowledge, personal growth and discovery of your true Self. 

It's an exciting journey, and I'm happy to walk along with you!

With love and blessings,


Willemijn Maas, MD

Willemijn Maas, MD

Willemijn is a changemaker with a solid general medical background and 15 years of experience in Psychiatry & Science, Medical Policy & Advice, Operational Excellence and Organisational Change. She has been interested in metaphysical and esoteric subjects since childhood. Apart from being trained as Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, Holistic Vitality Coach, YTT-200 Yoga Teacher/Therapist, and Red Tent Facilitator, she has participated in a broad range of other trainings and courses, like tarot, astrology, chakra psychology, and ayurveda. This enabled her to approach health, personal development and spiritual growth in a holistic way. 

After years of working in corporate healthcare environments and going through some disrupting life events and medical issues herself, she suffered from burnout. During her recovery process she rediscovered the importance of Cyclical Living and started to honor her energetic nature. She used the therapeutic power of yoga and energy medicine, spiritual practices like meditation, oracle & tarot card reading and ritual to heal herself, and knew there was no other way than to make the transformational choice to leave the healthcare system and start Elemental Life. 

Being a mother of 2 Waldorf-schooled daughters she is determined to live a fulfilled life in alignment and connection to herself, to Nature, and to the Cycle of Life to be able to help others with cyclical living.

We need to change the relationship to ourselves, eachother and the planet, and create systems, in which sustainable use of all energy sources is the solution.

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University - Medical School
Master of Science, Medical Doctor

Epidemiology & Biostatistics Courses

Psychiatry (depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, unexplained physical symptoms)

Research (depressive disorders and immune activation)

TIAS Business School
Masterclasses Organisational Change & Operational Excellence

Business Training
B-school - Marie Forleo

The Magic of You - We Are Sacred Planet

Svastha Institute for Yoga Therapy (300h YA)
Module 2: Locomotor System - Cervical & Thoracic Spine, Upper Limb

Module 4: Pranayama, Ayurveda, Neurological/Digestive/ Hormonal/Immune Systems

Module 5: Depression, addictions 

Module 6: Burnout, stress, anxiety and trauma

Yoga Training
YTT-200 Yoga Teacher Training

Accessible Yoga workshops



Coach Training
Holistic Vitality Coaching (post-graduate) - MARK Academy

Esoteric Training
Red Tent Facilitator Training & Sacred Union Course - Star of Ishtar (The Moon Woman)

Tarot Courses

Astrology Courses

Mystical Initiation - Simone Wright

 Living with your Nature - Moon Flow (Modron Women Academy)