Life coaching, online courses, burnout prevention and healing, aligned living for modern professional women.

A structured approach from a medical scientific background, integrating holistic and spiritual practices, like yoga, meditation, oracle readings, ritual, mystical teachings and honouring the connection to nature. 

Through alignment of the Sacred Elements of Life, you will be able to find happiness, joy, abundance and connection. 

My mission is to make people aware of their Nature, their connection to Spirit, Energy, and Intuition. To help people hear and understand the language of their body, and their Soul. And to reconnect humanity to Mother Nature, to help us all in making restorative choices, creating healthy impact for ourselves, our loved-ones, humanity, and the our planet.

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moon energy phases lunar ebook

Moon Phases explained

This e-book is helpful in understanding the Moon Phases and provides insight in how to work with them. By signing up, you will receive the bi-weekly Moon Reports, describing the Lunar energies and how to navigate them.

You will also receive the Elemental Life Lines (newsletters) on holistic health, aligned living and finding balance in your life.

I will help you empower and heal yourself and find the way back to YOU.

summer solstice

Life Coaching

For the professional woman longing for reconnection to Self in order to grow.


Blogposts and articles on monthly astrology, the way to holistic health and healing, sacred space, spirituality, my personal experiences, and more.

online courses holistic burnout prevention

Online courses

Carefully created online courses on living in alignment, burnout prevention and creating balance.