Willemijn Maas

Hi, my name is Willemijn Maas

I’m here to support entrepreneurial women in their life and business, so they can have a fulfilling and beautiful, abundant life while creating impact in the world.

It is absolutely possible to have more energy doing what you love!

It is possible to have a fulfilling career, to start or grow a business that is sustainable. All of it, from the heart, without burning out.

You just need to know a few things about energy.

Productivity and growth are not linear

When you learn to listen to the natural rhythms of your body and nature, you will understand how growth and abundance are cyclical and that the flow of life energy is never ending and ever present.

My mission is to help you become aware of the natural rhythms of growth yourself and around you. To help you use them in daily life. To learn how to tap into your powerful Feminine energy instead of linear Masculine energy so you can create a life you love and a bigger impact in your work.

Master your Cyclical feminine Nature and change your life


Know your talents & skills

If you are clear on what you’re naturally good at (for me it’s structure, systems, and connecting the dots!), your life and business will be much easier. Why? Because you have the chance to CHOOSE what you love and outsource the rest.

Knowing what your natural talents are will help you make decisions that are aligned with who you are and what you love to do. It creates clarity around the environment you thrive in, the drivers that motivate you, as well as the tasks you are good at. All of this makes your work effortless and fun!

Discover your talents and skills to make impact

Create structures that support you

A vital business has a clear and simple design, standardised operating procedures, and a structure where everyone can find everything easily. Grow your business with operational management tools, organised projects, and free up your time for the things you love!

Embrace structures and systems that free up your time

If you want to…

tap in to vitality

discover what gives you energy to help you make better choices that align with who you truly are

use your energy sustainably in life & work

step into a new career with confidence

start a business using strategies that sustain you

grow your business with ease

understand of the natural cycles and how they support sustainable growth

…you are in the right place.

You too can have an Elemental Life - a life full of purpose, ease, joy, and abundance.



Holistic Vitality Coaching, focused on increasing your energy levels, creating lasting habit changes, restorative practices, and ultimately a new and fullfilling life without burning out (again). Together we will work on clear goals so that you feel happy, energised, and connected again.



Career Coaching gives you a clear idea on your natural talents, skills, and purpose. With the proven 9-step method by The Happy at Work Agency, you will discover your true dream job, whether in corporate or as an entrepreneur. I’ll support you through this transformational program so you will never feel stuck.


Business Coaching for female entrepreneurs. Grow your business in a sustainable way by getting clear on your business processes, simplifying, having the systems and structures in place you need to be able to scale. Focus on what you love and outsource the rest.