vitality, career and business coaching

Willemijn Maas

I’m here to support women to create a fulfilling and beautiful, abundant life in spite of burnout or chronic illness.

Because you have something valuable to offer.

Your story has the power to heal.

You deserve abundance, vitality, and happiness.

It is possible to have more energy and health doing what you love

It is possible to have a (new) fulfilling career or to start a business.

All of it, from the heart, without burning out.

When you learn to listen to the natural rhythms of your body and nature, you will understand how growth and abundance are cyclical and that the flow of life energy is never ending and ever present.

My mission is to help you become aware of the natural rhythms of growth yourself and around you. To help you use them in daily life. To learn how to tap into your powerful Feminine energy instead of linear Masculine energy so you can create a life you love and a bigger impact in your work.

Master your Cyclical feminine Nature and change your life

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If you want to…

create a purposeful amazing new life after burnout or living with chronic illness

tap in to vitality

discover what gives you energy to help you make better choices that align with who you truly are

use your energy sustainably in life & work

step into a new career with confidence

experience more ease and flow in daily life

start a business using strategies that sustain you

understand of the natural cycles and how they support sustainable growth

…you are in the right place.


Holistic Life & Career Coaching, focused on restoring energy, creating impact, mastering your energy, and creating a new life without burning out again. Book a free clarity call with me to get clarity on your next steps.


Courses based on Cyclical Living for high-achieving modern women who want to connect to themselves and to nature. 


Blogposts and articles cyclical living, holistic health and healing, personal growth, sustainable career choices, spirituality, and more.